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News 28 December 2013 20 years of Crucial Crew

Saving lives everyday that’swhat we like to do,

That’swhy every child should visit that wonderful Crucial Crew. Learn about how to save alife with the ambulance and Red Cross, So people won’tendure apreventative tragic loss. The coastguard, safer lives, safer ships, cleaner seas for you and me, The lifeguards say swim between the flags and stay safe in the sea. Community safety, feel safe in your own home, So that you’ll never feel alone. Stay safer on the roads, on acycle or in a bus, The council says learn these rules and stay safe with us. Western Power, stay away from pylons and live wires, That can electrocute and kill and even start fires. The Food Standards Agency tells about bugs in food that can harm, The NFU with staying safe on afarm. The fire brigade with its building full of smoke, Stay close to the floor and then you will not choke. The police about cyber bullies on that internet, Listen carefully to what you’re told and never these lessons forget. And lastly let’snot forget John and Sally and Co, the management team, They make Crucial Crew run like awell oiled machine. So that’s20years of staying safe that’swhat we like to do, And hopefully 20 more years yet for that wonderful Crucial Crew!

By Johnny Ball


Eventsafelyreaches its20thanniversary


ARMINGwastothe fore once again when apopular safety event in Pembrokeshire celebrated its 20th anniversary. Celebrity farmer JohnnyBall and his NFU

Let’s Talk Farming roadshowvisited Pem- brokeshire’s 20th Crucial Crewevent, teaching 1,300 local school pupils about farmsafety. The 20th annual multi-agencyCrucial Crew

event washeld as usual over twoweeks at the County Showground,Withybush,Haverfordwest. Year six pupils fromacross the county travelled to the showground to learn howtodeal with all sorts of potential dangers and hazards. As well as learning about farm safety,the chil-

drenalsogained knowledge on road safety,fire prevention and internet dangers.They were also given advice on howtostaysafe in the home and on the beach. Sarah Jones,NFU Cymru communications adviser said: “NFU Cymru has been pleased to be involved with this event since it started. Crucial Crewisaninnovative and fun wayofdelivering safety messages to children.” As well as cutting acelebration cake,Johnny

Ball also wrote apoem celebrating 20 years of the Crucial Crewevent.

LET’S CELEBRATE: Johnny Ball, NFU Road- show presenter, and event organiser John Gobbi, with the celebration cake.

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