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PembrokeshireFarmer By Meyrick Brown

Feature December 2013 23

Stillfinding plenty to discuss A

FARMING discussion group in north Pem- brokeshire is still going strong after more than 55 years.

In the early 50s the Ministry of Agriculture’s Nation-

al Advisory Service (ADAS) activelyencouraged farm- ers to organise themselves into local discussion groups to stimulate provocative and thoughtful conversations thatwould drive and inspire change forthe better. These meetings were to provide aplatform at which

progressive thoughts on farming and the environment might be shared and offer sparks of insight to build a flame of innovation. Putting forward appealing newideas to positively

impact agriculture and the ability forthe industry to meet worldfood supplyneeds soon caught on in this,at thattime,exciting forum. One suchgroup wasformed at Treffgarne,instigated

by the late Levi Miles,whichin1956 had their first series of monthlymeetings at the old Church Hall. Thegroup,ofaround 30 regular members (travelling

fromas faras20miles) is still going strong after 56 years –now meeting at Spittal –with the November meeting addressed by advisors fromMole Valley Farmers. Over the years arange of speakers and specialists

frommanywalks of life have been welcomed, including accountants,bank managers,solicitors,lecturers,MPs and AMs,Lords of the realm and leading figures from the industry itself. The present officials are chairman Graham Roberts

and secretary David Williams,Chapel Farm, Wolfscas- tle.New members are always welcome.

FOUNDING MEMBERS: Agroup of original members of Treffgarne discussion group on afact finding visit to afeed mill at Bristol.

FullyLicensed Transfer Station &Recycling Centre TBS RECYCLING


Fromlast October it is against the law to send any commercialordomestic waste to alandfill before it has been througharecycling centre or segregatedsite.

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reduce landfilland it is an important partofour waste removal service. TBS is committed to recovering as muchasrecyclable material as possibleand are currently achieving a75% recovery rate. The company has beendedicated to recycling

and diverting waste awayfrom landfillsince 2003 whenthe Recycling Centre at Plot 10 Waterston

Industrial Estate, Milford Haven was opened and now employs 7people. The Recycling Facility enables the reclamation and recycling of as much as possible, be it Card, Paper,Plastic, Scrap metal or Wood, Stone, Bricks and Soil. TBS have recently obtained afull licence from

the environmental agency to recycle the following items, plywood, household timber,fencing, off cuts and wooden packing cases. The wood is chipped and transported away to be recycled: Cattle corrals; Composting and Boarding Sheets. We recognise under new legislation farmers are

no longer able to bury or burn waste and TBS can offer afully certified collection/disposal service which conforms to Farm Assurance.

BuyersofScrap Metal Collection Available

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