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December 2013

Earlies earn special status


FOOD product grown in Pembrokeshire forcen- turies has joined the elite

ranks of Welsh lamb, cham- pagne and Parma ham. The famous Pembrokeshire Early Potato has been awarded

By Debbie James

Protected Geographical Indica- tion (PGI) status by the European Commission.

Onlypotatoes originating in the

county can nowbecalled aPem- brokeshire Early potato after PGI status wasgranted on behalf of Haverfordwest-based PuffinPro- duce Ltd. Pembrokeshire Earlies have

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Working to eliminate


Pembrokeshire Early Potato grower Walter Simon

said the PGI designation recognised the

quality of the product. PICTURE: Debbie James.

herd disease APEMBROKESHIRE dairy farm is implementing aJohne’stest and controlprogramme to eliminiate the diseasefrom the herd. Johne’s is thoughttobepresentinaround half of all UK herds and can cause major economic losses if left unchecked. Milk testing can identify Johne’ssix months before animals become infectious.

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Time to treat pest problem

WINTERisthe time of year when farms have most problems from both rats and mice. While rodent infestations on farm have traditionally been controlled only when they reach troublesome levels, farm assurance requirements make effective and verifiable rodent control essential on ayear-round basis.

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been growninthe county since the mid-1700s and are as synony- mouswith Pembrokeshire as pork pies arewithMeltonMowbray.

THIS winter farmers have an opportunity to increase dairy margins through higher yields, milk price and lower feed costs. Nutrition Notes looks at how forage quality can make this a relatively straightforward process.

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