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Cranberries Support Healthy Circulation R

egularly drinking cranberry juice may help control blood pressure, according to new find- ings presented at the American Heart Association’s High Blood Pressure Research 2012 Scientific Ses- sions. Cranberry juice, the researchers note, is rich

in antioxidants—naturally occurring molecules that have been associated with the blood pressure-lowering benefit. U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers discovered a moderate systolic pressure reduction—about three points—for people that drank two eight-ounce glasses of cranberry juice every day for eight weeks. Because of the sugar calories in juice, consider the alternative of a whole-food cranberry supplement.

Button Batteries Imperil Bambinos B


utton-type lithium batteries are all around us, powering remote controls, keyless entry devices for cars, flameless candles, watches, greet- ing cards and other devices. Parents should be aware that these batteries are attractive to small children and if swallowed, can dissolve and cause serious damage to the esophagus in as little as two hours. The National Safety Council reports that the number of children swallowing these batteries quadrupled between 2005 and 2010, to 3,400 cases, yet 62 per- cent of parents are unaware of the danger.

can went paper-free for just three gifts, we’d save a collective 47,000 football fields’ worth of wrapping paper. Better choices include cloth wrapping materials like scarves, guest or kitchen towels, T-shirts and even socks. Outdated maps work well, too. It’s a fun, easy, chic way to go green.

W Source: Good Foods for a Healthy Holiday Bash

walk away from a brighter, lighter table, satisfied and in good cheer.

• Beverage options include lower-cal- orie drinks, such as mineral water with spritzers of lime or orange juice, iced holiday-flavored herbal teas, light beer and holiday punches made with pure fruit juices and sparkling water.

• Fruit and vegetable trays do double duty as edible centerpieces. Go for color and texture. Enrich with low-fat cheeses, nuts and dried fruits, such as apricots, dates and cranberries.

inter just would not be the same without family, friends, music, decor and yes, those much-anticipated holiday parties. With a few simple tricks and a substitution here or there, the all-important party foods can be both delicious and healthy. Guests will

W 12 Hudson County

• Dips and spreads become healthier with low-fat sour cream, yogurt or neuf- châtel cheese, a cream cheese natu- rally lower in fat. A dash of fresh herbs boosts flavor and nutrition.

• Whole wheat rolls, pita wedges or

multigrain French bread, served with appetizers and dinner, are filling and pack a punch in fiber and protein.

• Choose side dishes that need little “dressing up,” such as sweet potatoes, wild rice or couscous.

• Fish and seafood serve as festive, healthy main courses.

• Simple ingredient changes cut the fat and sugar, while adding nutritional value and flavor to traditional dishes. Examples include replacing a third of the mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower or adding mashed peas to avocados for a great dip with half the fat.

Primary sources: Adapted from Web-,,

rapping with virgin paper is obsolete. If every Ameri-


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