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then October is where IT IS AT. Tis month is brimming so bad it’s kicking the rest of the year into touch. It’s embarrassing really. Take a breath and grab some snacks cos this musical work out’s gonna burn sister.


Kick off the month in style atNorwich Arts Centreon the 3rdwith critics favouriteNadine Shah. She’s something special we think, but if that don’t float your boat then nip down toTe Bicycle Shop and enjoy some jams from new kid on the blockBirds of Hell. Plus you can enjoy the magnificent window display. Double whammy.

I’d say go check out the wonderful Temples at Norwich Arts Centreon the 4thbut it’s sold out. You snooze, you lose slackerz.

Norwich veterans and total arse kickersMagoo are returning to the stage to show us all how it’s done courtesy of Howlback Hum atKeir Hardie Hallon the5th. Rumour has it there’s new material to lap up gang…

Like yourself a bit of metal? Head down toTe King Edward VI, also on the 5th,and do some windmilling to De Profundis + Consecration

o, if you’re into live music

+ Immortal Empire + Grimace.

Miles Kaneand Te Family Raincome to town on the 7th. Head toTe Nick Rayns LCR, UEAto see Alex Turner’s bezzie do his thing.

Te legendaryLee Scratch PerryplaysTe Waterfront on the9thwarming you up perfectly for the musical pageant that isNorwich Sound & Vision Festivalon the10-12th.As well as highly informative conferences during the day (music, tech, games, film) we’re treated to 3 evenings of quiveringly exciting new music. Spread across 11 venues this festival is about shining a smoking hot spotlight on Norwich for all the world to see, you hear me? Grab yourself a wristband and catch the likes of Aluna George, Drenge, Ghostpoet, Foxesand Nina Nesbitt as well as a whole heap of regional talent. What’s super exciting about this year are the guest curators. Prepare to experience exclusive line-ups fromTe Line of Best Fit, Artrocker, Infectious Music, Tru Toughts and loads more. Your favourite musical collective has a line up too, that’s right boo, Gravy’s coming at you on the Saturday night with a line

up designed to give you some serious brainpain. In a good way.



If you’ve got any energy left after NS&V and fancy yourself a bit of vintage then hit upOpenon the 16thwhere progressive rockersFocushead up a young buck bill featuring Te Lost Levelsand Olympians.At the very same venue two days later on the18thTe Tilting Sky presents local indie favesTese Ghostswith a stellar support bill.

Also on the 16th, I’m gonna be shoe shuffling to Local Natives, Cloud

Controland BretonatThe Waterfront,what a line up!

Go and watchEverything Everythingsing really high at theUEA LCRon the 20th,support band Dutch Uncles ain't half bad either!

Remember that animated advert for tea with the floaty vocals, involved a boat or the sea or something? Well it was

none other thanCharlene Soraia’sfloaty vocals and

she’s bringing them to Openon the21st. You’ll enjoy that then.

Do yourself a good one and head toNorwich Arts Centreon the24thwhere you’ll see some of the best world music to hit these shores - Tamikrest present a melting pot of traditional African and western rock and pop. Ideal no?

Finish up a hectic month of live music with some slow jams from the ever- ethereal Daughter at the UEA LCRon the27th. What a delicious cool down.

Right I’m off to flex my dancing and pint drinking muscles in preparation for a GOOD TIME.

Love from

44 /October 2013/


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