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Diplo and (and that’s just the Ds) are the ones commanding the real currency in the marketplace at the moment, and have other artists from different genres clamouring to work with them for the reflected glory. Luckily in the UK we have a heritage of dance music so diverse that there’s plenty still to offer, and one artist flying the British flag for us across the nation and beyond is Nick Duowma, as he’s known by his mama, or Sub Focus to you and I. He set his stall out early, with a full-length release in 2009, a strategy often overlooked by dance artists. Te strength of the first, and some regular radio and club play has brought about a second album, ‘Torus’, just recently released. He tours that album this month, and gives us some time ahead of his Norwich date…


ance artists are enjoying something of a reigning glory in the music industry right now. Artists like Deadmau5, David Guetta,

So you’re coming to Norwich on the 26th Oct, but I can see you’ve had a really busy summer, how has it been for you? It’s been good, it’s been a really hectic summer, it’s usually the busiest time of year for me and I think it’s the same for other touring musicians. But, I’ve also been finishing my next album, as well as doing all these festivals, so it’s been really hectic. But it’s nice to get the album done, and now I’m just excited to get it all out there.

You headlined the Radio 1 Dance stage at the Reading and Leeds Festivals in 2013 with live show, how was that? It was awesome. It’s one of my favourite festivals; in terms of crowd reaction, it’s one of the best in the UK I think. I think for a lot of people, it’s their first or second festival they go to, it’s quite a young crowd, which is really cool. I seemed to get a really good reaction this year, which was awesome.

Whilst we’re talking about crowds, you’ve played all over the world, are the crowds in America or in other countries different to the UK? Definitely. America’s really good at the moment; dance music’s kind of exploded over there. I did a massive festival over there this summer called EDC in Las Vegas; it’s one of the big dance music festivals there. And the reaction I got was really cool. It’s more like - different crowds react to different things. I subtly change my set for wherever I play, depending on the crowd. In England, the deeper, house

stuff is popular and I might slip that into a set, some of the more underground drum and bass stuff, I might play over here. Ten in America, it’s more dubstep and things like that. It’s nice that I’ve got to a time where I’m making these different styles, so I can dip into these different genres throughout my set.

When you’re on stage the visual element plays such a massive part, how much input do you have? Quite often people who work with me are a bit surprised by how hands on I am with that sort of stuff. I get really involved in that stuff. Also, I’ve developed quite a few things with the live show that are audio reactive, so when I’m playing an instrument on stage, it’ll be actually effecting what’s happening on the lights. We’ve also got these instruments I had custom made for the show, they’re motion sensors, so when I move my hand around in the air above them, it controls different sounds during the show.

When you’re up on stage it’s just yourself, do you ever get lonely with nobody to hide behind? I quite like it. I’m a big fan of the Daft Punk live show, and I wanted to do a show that was all electronic, because a lot of dance acts end up using a live drummer when they’re on stage. I just wanted to do something that was really authentic to show the music’s made and it’s made on computers and synthesizers and stuff like that. So I

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