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t is impossible to talk introduce Goo Goo Dolls without mentioning their global hit, ‘Iris’. It’s not that

they were a one-hit wonder, it’s just there was some kind of wonder about that one hit. Billboard recently names it Number One on the top pop songs of the first twenty years (‘92-2012) of their Top 40. It has re-entered the chart four times in the UK alone since its first release in 1998, most recently this year again. To be responsible for such an anthem of an entire generation and then some, it makes you sit up and listen when they continue to release and tour, and when guitarist Robby Tukak is kind enough to give you 20 minutes of his time…

If you don’t mind me dragging you way back when, in the year you formed, it was an exciting time for music at both extremes of the US coasts. You had No Doubt, Te Offspring, Alice in Chains, Pixies – what can you tell us about the musical landscape you were emerging into? It felt back then that things were a little less fractured, you know, people would be listening to many types of music at the same time. You saw an awful lot of bands getting very, very, very popular, very quickly, y’know. Our first record came out in ’86 and things were much different than they were 6, 7 years later. I mean, if you were going to do well playing alternative music, you were going to sell 30,000 records and you’d be done and you’d be very successful.

20 /October 2013/

Ten the landscape really changed and there seemed to be a lot more players in it. It was interesting to watch, for sure.

Your breakthrough didn’t really come ‘til around 10 years after you started. Tere are a lot of bands who’ll give it two years tops, but what kept you motivated and committed to the cause? I guess it was just doing a little bit better every time we brought a record out. We’d sell, I don’t know, maybe 10,000 morecopies than the last one and it was just about putting out great records and being able to tour. I don’t know if those records were great [laughs], but they were certainly the best we could do at that moment

[laughs]. By the time ’95 came, when we could stop having other jobs, and stop having to find new girlfriends every time we came home or find a new place to live, it became a different thing at that point.

I’m sure there were times when you questioned the longevity of the band. If there had have been one thing to have ended the band, what would it have been? Well, we had a drummer switch y’know, nine years ago and that was close. What would’ve ended it? I don’t know, you know, I don’t really think in those terms; I more think in terms of ‘how do we





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