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BUMP! Gay Globetrotting With

Rage Monthly readers! Travel season is rapidly approaching and for those of you who love to travel and I mean LOVE to travel, we’ve got just the tool you need to make your 2012 travel plans gay-fabulous! As a commercial airline pilot myself, I’m always on the go from city to city. I hear all kinds of stories on a daily basis from passengers traveling on my planes about the horrors of travel, unplanned travel disasters, and well, just underwhelming vacations. Enter Bumper 2 Bumper Media’s show Bump!

by jared cox A successful trip requires a great deal of research and planning to ensure a vaca-

tion for the history books. Why do all the work yourself when Bump! has already sent in their experienced team of travel pros to show you all the ins and outs of hot destinations around the globe? Bump! is the world’s first gay and lesbian travel and lifestyle television series—unique and international in scope. In each episode, Bump! presents a new gay-friendly destination in a stylish and upbeat format. The show’s creators have even developed a multi-media travel guide app for your iPhone, iTouch, and BlackBerry featuring only gay and gay-friendly listings; not everything, just the best of the best. These travel guides can be down- loaded from the iTunes Store and BlackBerry App World. Bump! features four different hosts who travel the globe, experiencing all types

of people and adventures. One of the most talented and not too bad on the eyes, is Charlie David. Charlie David grew up in a small town in Saskatch-

ewan, playing road hockey, building forts and spending time with his make-believe pet—because his parents were cruel and wouldn’t buy him a real one! In despera- tion, he tied a ball to a string and would pull it around everywhere he went whistling, “Here boy, good dog!” Imagination is still the key to his happiness and Charlie considers himself a storyteller, namely: actor, writer, and producer. A love of storytelling led Charlie to launch Border2Bor-

der Entertainment, Inc., a production company whose film credits include Mulligans, Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride, Judas Kiss and Positive Youth. I sat down with sexy and hilarious Charlie David while

beaten path to Recifé and Florianopolis, which certainly both have enough to see and do to keep a traveler in their embrace for a solid week. Bump! has quite the destination list, from North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, to Australia and Asia, what has been your favorite destination and why? I like a little Latin heat… so for a dizzyin‘-jerk-my-head-around and run-

if you can dream it, you can achieve it. It’s all about focus, determination and stamina for perceived setbacks. “

“ I really believe

on location for Bump! in Brazil for a fascinating chat about his travel experiences abroad. Hey there Charlie! Thanks for taking time from your busy travels to share with our readers

all about your experiences. How is Brazil? Brazil remains one of my favorite destinations in the world. The beaches are

breathtaking, the boys are ridiculous, the music and food are fantastic and the boys are… wait did I mention them already? We’ve done episodes in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on the show previously. For Season 6 we’re going a little off the

42 RAGE monthly | MAY 2012

into-lamp-posts experience, I prefer Argentina or Brazil. In terms of a solid five or seven-star service and the ability to engage every one of my senses, it’s got to be South Africa. I’ve never felt more truly alive than in the time I’ve spent there— everything seems more visceral and real. When a hotel or safari lodge is five-star in South Africa—it’s off the charts by our North American standards. There is no comparison—they really know how to do luxury. Combine that with going out into the bush to track lion, rhino or elephant and I’m in absolute heaven. As an airline pilot by day, I’ve had some crazy travel adventures of my own; I know you must have seen some crazy things in your adventures. Tell us about few of those experiences. There are so many!! That’s part of life on the road I

guess. In our Chiang Mai, Thailand episode (which you can see online at I rented a motorbike and we mounted a camera on the handlebars to face back at me as I zipped around the buses, tuk-tuks, bicycles, taxis, cars, wandering people and animals… You know where this is going! At one point I was sailing along beside a bus on one side and parked cars on the other. Suddenly, three people on scooters pulled out ahead of me and my only option was slam on the brakes or crash into them. I clutched the handbrakes and flew off the motorbike into the traffic lane beside me just as the bus passed. I scrambled to my feet and got the hell off the road. After checking the camera we were ecstatic—the handlebars

had twisted to see me fly off the bike and land with a smack on the road. TV doesn’t get better than that—it’s what I consider a happy accident. My mom watches the show so I’m sure not to tell her that I’ve just swum with

crocodiles, walked with lions or gone flying in a winged contraption powered by a lawn mower engine until the episode airs. Mothers worry too much as it is, without letting them know all the trouble we get into!

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