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innovative wireless solution,” said CTO Adrian O’Neil. Federal APD recently received notification that Element,

Version 1.2, its parking facility management software, has been certified and listed as a PA-DSS Validated Payment Application per PCI Security Council standards “Element’s design is based completely on the user’s experience, combining functionality and simplicity to form the gold standard in parking software,” said Matt Zaske, Director of Software Development at Federal APD. “Now that it’s officially listed by PCI Security as an approved provider, we expect Element installations to quickly increase.” Bijan Eghtedari, Managing Member of Park One

Holdings, announced the appointment of Fredrick W. Bredemeyer II as president of Park One of Florida. The company says its enormous growth and success in Florida has created substantial client demand for its services throughout the southern US. Bredemeyer has more than 25 years of experience in the parking industry, most recently as owner, manager and principal of ConsulPark, his consulting firm. Streetline Inc. and ParkIndy, a public-private partnership between Indianapolis and Xerox, are now making it easier to find parking in the city. Using the company’s sensor-enabled smart-parking system — Parker, a free smartphone app — motorists can see open parking spaces in real-time, reducing the time and energy spent searching for parking. Sensors embedded in the pavement detect available spaces. The app provides location and general availability of spaces through the use of web-enabled devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. Once parked, motorists can use its built-in timer or access directions to help find the space when they need to return to their vehicle. Central Parking System has completed the sale of 14

owned properties in PropCo, its wholly owned property subsidiary. In the second of two coordinated transactions, Central completed the sale in March of five parking garages and nine surface lots in 10 U.S. cities to affiliates of CoveredBridge Ventures. As part of the transaction, Central will continue to long-term lease the parking properties. The proceeds of the first of the coordinated transactions, completed in December 2011, were utilized to retire all of PropCo’s outstanding debt. The proceeds of this second transaction will be used to pay taxes associated with the property sales and for general corporate purposes. Control Systems Inc. (CSI), the premier Federal APD

reseller in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, once again been awarded a multi-year maintenance contract at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. BWI is one of the 25 largest airports in North America, serving more than 60,000 passengers a day. Digital Payment Technologies (DPT) has been selected

by the San Luis Obispo County (CA) Regional Airport to provide its new parking pay stations. The deployment will feature 12 solar-powered Luke II multi-space parking pay stations that will accept payment via credit cards and bills. They will utilize a Wi-Fi network infrastructure to perform


tasks such as real-time credit card authorization and to access DPT’s back-end Enterprise Management System. EMS gives airport officials real-time insight into the operational status of the pay stations, as well as detailed reporting on revenues that have been generated. Central Parking System has released a new Android app that helps drivers search for its locations while on- the-go. Similar to the popular iPhone parking app, which Central released in November, the Android version is free, and can be downloaded through the Android Market or from the company’s website ( Company VP Thomas Kramek has been appointed

General Manager of TRMI Systems Integration. He joined TRMI in 2004, and has held several engineering and operations positions of increasing responsibilities during his tenure. Most recently, he was VP of Engineering. TRMI has been designing and installing custom-integrated electronic toll collection systems since 1974. has added Philip

Rodriguez as Business Development Manager as it looks to grow its roster of parking facilities and business affiliates. Currently, travelers can use the website to search for some 230 parking options at more than 85 airports in the US and Canada. Rodriguez comes from a substantive background, having had an integral role in customer service departments for Disney Interactive Media Group, Meteor Games and Food Art Group. Nedap AVI has been nominated for a 2012 British Parking Association (BPA) award with its wireless sensor for parking, called Sensit Surface Mount. The awards are presented to the leading innovations in carpark management, enforcement, design and teamwork. This year, the BPA received more than 80 entries. The company’s wireless sensor, used to detect vehicle presence in individual parking bays, is shortlisted in the Innovation category. Sensit is designed to deliver accurate, real-time data that offer parking guidance, detect overstays and give detailed reports on parking utilization. ParkMe (formerly Parking in Motion), which provides parking information

to drivers, navigation companies and

smartphones, has renamed its app, overhauled its design and added functionality that directs drivers to the best available parking. The streamlined ParkMe app now includes proprietary technology that shows drivers the best parking locations around their destination based on cost and proximity. The one-click process is designed to make it much easier for a driver to find the optimal parking space. The app also has a new rate calculator feature. Peter Aylward has been promoted to Managing Director

of Metric Group. He will be responsible for all business activities in the UK, including the Almex division, where he had been manager for the last three years. He also is responsible for the recently formed Glory division, which has ambitious growth plans for its range of coin- and note- counting verification equipment. One of his key objectives is to create a closer collaboration between all of the UK divisions,

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