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copter operations and work to encourage the overseas indus­ tries to carry out accident analysis and develop safety interventions. ◆

Sandel Primary Navigation Display and AHRS Chosen for Helicopter Fleet

Sandel Avionics has announced it has been chosen by the Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF) to pro­ vide its 3­ATI SN3500 Primary Navigation Display and SG102 Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) with unique Reversionary Attitude Display mode for a fleet of 30 new

Enstrom 480B turbine helicop­ ters purchased by the JGSDF. A representative of the Japanese military met with Sandel and Enstrom representatives at HAI and specified that Sandel’s package was exactly what they wanted on their new helicop­ ter fleet. The final purchase order was submitted to Enstrom Helicopter for the fleet purchase at HAI Heli­Expo 2012. Enstrom will begin con­ figuring the JGSDF helicopters with the Sandel products immediately and plans call for completing helicopter deliver­ ies over the next three years. “It was the combination of rugged construction, crisp day­ light visibility, ease of opera­ tion, proven reliability in mili­ tary environments, and built­in standby horizon capability that contributed to Sandel being

chosen for this military con­ tract,” said Jerry Henry, Director of Sales at Sandel. He also added “Enstrom’s ability to secure contracts with organ­ izations such as the JGSDF speaks volumes to the quality of helicopters it produces, and we’re proud to be an Enstrom partner.”

“Sandel has been a great partner to work with on the JGSDF training program, and the SN3500 EHSI will be an excellent addition to the JGSDF’s Enstrom 480B helicop­ ters,” said Dennis Martin, International Sales/Program Manager for Enstrom. “Not only does it have a feature­ packed, modern display, it will interface with the aircraft’s TACAN system, and the Reversionary Attitude function will be a welcome safety fea­

ture. The addition of the SN3500 EHSI will really help solidify the 480B as a top­of­ the­line training helicopter for the JGSDF,” he concluded. An electronic HSI (EHSI) sys­ tem that enhances mission readiness and pilot awareness, the SN3500 offers a unique combination of navigation and safety features, including com­ pass heading, moving map, GPS flight plan, RMI and traffic display. In addition, the SN3500 was designed for compatibility with both digital and analog air­ craft and helicopters. ◆

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