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these finalists were outstand­ ing and our selection commit­ tee, made up of both members of DDVFF and Hillsboro Aviation as well as members of the community not directly related to either organization, had some tough decisions. Currently, Cordell Walker is a CFI for Hillsboro Aviation and through the scholarship appli­ cation process, Cordell set him­ self above the rest and showed that he truly is dedicated to his dreams of flying, pursuing a life­long career as a helicopter pilot and giving back to the community.

Making a difference in his community by eventually get­ ting into law enforcement, where he would like to pursue setting up a law enforcement air unit in Washington County,

is Cordell's long­term goal. Through this scholarship, we hope that this will give him the edge to get to the next step in his training in turbine helicopters and help him on his way in making a difference in his community and follow­ ing his passion. ◆

Tampa Police Department Aviation Unit Acquires New Laser Armor™ Light Interference Filters (LIF)

Night Flight Concepts (NFC) is pleased to announce that

Tampa PD Aviation Unit, a long­ time user of NFC NVG Maintenance Services, has pro­ cured new Laser Armor™ Light Interference Filters (LIF) to pro­ tect their NVGs from malicious laser strikes encountered by their pilots and aircrew mem­ bers. The aviation unit is one of the first law enforcement agen­ cies to take advantage of these new technology filters. “The problem of laser strikes on law enforcement helicopters has been increas­ ing dramatically for many years”, stated Sgt. William Shaw. “Having worked with Night Flight Concepts for many years prompted our quick action when the product became available. We knew we could expect an exceptional product that would deliver the

results we need. The NVG filters add

one more level of safety for our Aviation Units’ Pilots and Aircrew.”

“While it is true that NVGs offer protection against the potential harmful retinal burns that might be received, the fil­ ters enhance that capability by allowing the goggles to func­ tion normally by reducing the blooming effect significantly” stated Dr. Dudley consultant an expert in aerospace physiol­ ogy. “We are pleased to extend the range of products and services provided to the Tampa PD and proud to have their continued support”, stat­ ed Adam Aldous, President of Night Flight Concepts. ◆

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