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Becker Avionics’ Social Media

Becker Avionics announces the introduction of its newly updated website which pro­ vides a more user­friendly interface to product and serv­ ice information. In addition, Becker Avionics has launched a number of social media chan­ nels to allow customers and users of Becker products to fol­ low news and updates more easily.

Mobile devices are creating faster and more powerful uses for relevant solutions for pur­ chasing products immediately, and quickly sharing informa­ tion. The new Becker media channels include: • Twitter (@BeckerAvi) For publishing useful prod­ uct videos and articles and fast­moving electronic updates and developments • LinkedIn

(­; ny/becker­avionics­inc.) For contributing answers to questions related to avionics products and user groups to advance user expertise and gain valuable industry insights, ideas and knowledge, and where technicians carry through discussions and

APRIL 2012

To help connect with expanding industry decision makers and users of special­ ized communications, naviga­ tion, surveillance and search & rescue equipment and their applications • YouTube

( ser/BeckerAvionics)

For providing video demon­ strations about products in order to deliver simplified visual explanations of our products and their uses Becker Avionics is a private­ ly held high­tech company that develops, manufactures and distributes the latest communications, navigation, surveillance and search & res­ cue equipment for airborne and ground applications. ◆

announced that its HawkEye PT – a handheld, Iridium track­ ing and messaging solution – will be used across Bell Helicopter’s support and serv­ ices division, tracking all air­ craft en route from Bell’s serv­ ice center in Piney Flats, TN, to destinations across the globe. “The Blue Sky Network solution was an ideal fit for us as it’s completely portable, so we can use it on one aircraft one week and a different one the next. This solution offers both tracking and messaging. Reliability is even more impor­ tant. We ship multi­million dollar aircraft everywhere and we need to know where they are at all times and be able to reach out to them at any time. The PT was the right choice for meeting all these needs,” said Dan Berndt, Product Manager for Bell Helicopter Piney Flats.

Bell Helicopter Selects Blue Sky Network’s HawkEye PT for Tracking and Communication

Blue Sky Network, a lead­ ing global provider in satellite tracking, fleet management, and automated flight moni­ toring solutions, today


Bell’s services and support division is responsible for state of the art customization, aircraft refurbishment, main­ tenance, repair and overhaul solutions, personalized serv­ ice offerings, and more. It is responsible for ensuring com­ pleted, refurbished and/or repaired aircraft make it to their final destinations on time and in perfect condition. “Bell’s flexibility and relia­ bility needs would have been addressed by any Blue Sky Network Solution, as all our solutions are easily config­ urable and tap the Iridium satellite network, but their unique need for portability as well made our hand­held HawkEye PT the best fit,” said Blue Sky Network CEO and Founder, Jon Gilbert. ◆

Cordell Walker Recipient of the Doug Doty Memorial Scholarship Turbine Transition

The Doug Doty Vertical Flight Foundation and Hillsboro Aviation are pleased to announce this years recipient of the Doug Doty Memorial Scholarship for Turbine Transition, Mr. Cordell Walker. The Doug Doty Vertical Flight Foundation teamed up with Hillsboro Aviation to offer the non­profit founda­ tion’s first Bell 206B3 JetRanger Scholarship. The purpose of this scholarship is to help helicopter pilots advance to the next level in their training and make posi­ tive contributions to the avia­ tion industry.

This was a very difficult deci­ sion to make as our finalists all exhibited strong qualities as pilots as well as people. The dedication and work ethic of

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