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NEWS Ainouz crosses German, Brazilian culture with Futuro

BY WENDY MITCHELL Brazilian director Karim Ainouz, now based mostly in Berlin, is gearing up for a February 27 date to start shooting his next feature, Praia Do Futuro. The drama is about a Brazilian

lifeguard, working at the so-called ‘Beach of the Future’ who saves a German tourist from drowning. The two men begin a relationship and move to Berlin, creating a rift with the lifeguard’s brother back in Brazil. The cast will include Clem- ens Schick (Casino Royale) as the tourist, Wagner Moura (Elite Squad) as the lifeguard and Jesuita Barbosa as the 18-year-old brother. “It is a project I’ve been devel-

oping for a while,” Ainouz told Screen. “It is reflecting a bit about Berlin, it’s a city divided, about walls coming down, people com- ing back together.” He will shoot close to his home-

town of Fortaleza, Brazil, which he says is a place “is full of personal memories”. It also marks the first feature he

will shoot in his new hometown of Berlin. “Sometimes it’s shot from a

The Praia Do Futura team (left to right): Clemens Schick, Wagner Moura, Karim Ainouz, Jesuita Barbosa and Hank Levine

foreign standpoint, sometimes it’s from a local standpoint,” he added. Ainouz, who made an inter-

national splash with his debut fea- ture Madame Sata in 2002, most recently directed The Silver Cliff, which played in Directors’ Fort- night at Cannes in 2011. “My past few films have been about female protagonists, and

this film is diving into that world of masculinity,” he says of Praia Do Futuro. “It’s about people who travel and take risks.” The cast has been in Berlin for

about two weeks rehearsing, after spending a week rehearsing in Brazil in January. “I proposed to them there would be a long rehearsal period, I

really wanted to have affection in this film.” The German producer is Hank

Levine, well versed in the Brazil- ian film world after working at O2 Filmes from 2002-09 (his credits include City Of God). He is work- ing alongside Brazilian producer Georgia Costa Araujo of Coracao da Selva, who has known Ainouz

since working on his first short film in the 1990s. Christopher Zit- terbart of Germany’s Watchmen Productions is co-producing. Costa Araujo said: “There is the

right mix of Brazilian and German crew, combining their two differ- ent working styles.” The $3.4m (¤2.6m) budget is

financed mostly out of Brazil, through both public funding and private investment, and the production will also apply for funding from Hamburg and Medi- enboard Berlin-Brandenburg. The German distributor is Real

Fiction based in Cologne, and the Brazilian distributor is California. HBO Latin America is on board for pay-TV rights there. The film could be the first offi-

cial co-production between Brazil in Germany (Levine helped write that treaty years ago). “It is a true co-production. The

story itself needs both places,” Costa Araujo added. Sales companies are in discus-

sions. Levine noted: “We are con- fident the project has strong market potential.”





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