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THIS AIN’T CALIFORNIA (Germany) 90mins. Dir: Marten Persiel. Perspektive Deutsches Kino CinemaxX 1


HARBOUR DRIFT (Germany) 94mins. Dir: Leo Mittler. Key cast: Lissy Arna, Paul Rehkopf, Fritz Genschow. A beggar, a prostitute and an unemployed man are entangled in a deadly conflict over a pearl necklace – it is their escape from poverty. A masterpiece of proletarian cinema by Leo Mittler. Retrospective Zeughauskino


12 SISTERS (Cambodia) 100mins. Dir: Ly Bun Yim. Key cast: Vireak Dara, Ly Patanak, Nop Nem, Saksi Sbong. The story of a king persuaded to throw his first 12 wives into a cave by the 13th – who turns out to be the witch herself. Forum Kino Arsenal 1

ATOMIC AGE (France) 67mins. Dir: Helena Klotz. Key cast: Eliott Paquet, Dominik Wojcik. The story of a night: in a nightmarish Paris, two young men are looking for amusement, sex, drugs, love and intimacy. Panorama Press CinemaxX 7

CHILDISH GAMES (Spain) 95mins.

Dir: Antonio Chavarrias. Key cast: Juan Diego Botto, Barbara Lennie, Magica Perez. Daniel and Maria provide a home for an orphaned girl but Daniel suddenly finds himself pursued by the demons of his repressed past. A psychological thriller about crime and punishment. Competition Passage

CONDITION (German) 74mins. Dir: Thomas Heise. Thomas Heise documents the preparations for the Pope’s 2011 visit to Thuringen in laconic black and white images: the meticulous rehearsal of the reception, the huge police presence, a whole region in the grip of exceptional circumstances. Forum Press CinemaxX 6

MISSMEND (1) (USSR) 93mins. Dir: Fjodor Ozep, Boris Barnet. Soviet silent film. Retrospective CinemaxX 8


CANNED DREAMS (Finland) 81mins. Dir: Katja Gauriloff. Followes the route of one can of food. Behind this product are uncountable pairs of hands and their stories. Culinary Cinema MGB-Kino

A NIGHT TOO YOUNG (Czech Republic,

Slovenia) 65mins. Dir: Olmo Omerzu. Key cast: Martin Pechlat, Jiri Cerny, Natalie Rehorova. After becoming the unexpected guests at a strangely charged New Year’s party, two barely adolescent boys take their first glimpse at the confusing sexual dynamics of the adult world. Forum CineStar 8


BESTIARY (Canada, France) 72mins. Dir: Denis Cote. Documentary examining our relationship with animals. Forum Cubix 9


CALLME KUCHU (US) 90mins. Dir: Malika Zouhali-Worrall, Katherine Fairfax Wright. Key cast: David Kato Kisule, Naome Ruzindana, Stosh Mugisha. Tells the story of the life and violent death of David Katos, who fought in court against Uganda’s anti-homosexual laws. Panorama Dokumente CineStar 7

DEATH FOR SALE (Belgium, France, Morocco) 117mins. Dir: Faouzi Bensaidi. Key cast: Fehd Benchemsi, Fouad Labiad, Mouhcine Malzi. Three young men living in Tetouan, Morocco: Malik is in love with

Dounia and wants to help her give up her job as a prostitute. Soufiane spends his days pilfering. Allal is a drug runner. The three friends hope that a raid on a jewellery shop will be their path to a new life. Panorama Cubix 7 & 8

ESPOIR VOYAGE (France, Burkina) 81mins. Dir: Michel K. Zongo. Burkinian director Zongo charts his journey to find his brother, who left years before to seek a new life in wealthier Ivory Coast. Documentary. Forum CinemaxX 4

THE FLOWERS OFWAR (China) 141mins. Dir: Zhang Yimou. Key cast: Christian Bale, Ni Ni, Atsuro Watabe. Competition (Out of competition) Berlinale Palast

HIGHWAY (Nepal, US) 80mins. Dir: Deepak Rauniyar. Key cast: Dayahang Rai, Asha Magarati, Shristi Ghimire. A cross section of Nepalese society is stuck on a bus in a traffic jam. A modern day road movie. Panorama Colosseum 1

KEYHOLE (Canada) 93mins. Dir: Guy Maddin. Key cast: Jason Patric, Isabella Rossellini, Udo Kier.

Returning home after a long absence the head of the house must travel through the rooms to reach his wife upstairs. A surreal journey through a house of nightmares. Berlinale Special International

MARLEY (UK, US) 144mins. Dir: Kevin Macdonald. Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald’s cinematic monument to reggae’s king. The film blends excerpts from concerts, interviews and archive footage, some of it shown here for the first time, in a documentary tribute to Bob Marley. Berlinale Special Gala Haus der Berliner Festspiele


THE CONVOY (Russia) 81mins. Dir: Alexey Mizgirev. Key cast: Oleg Vasilkov, Azamat Nigmanov, Dmitry Kulichkov. An apocalyptic portrait of the police and the army in today’s Russia. Traumatised Captain Ignat is ordered to bring back a deserter and hand him over to a military court. Travelling across wintry Moscow turns out to be a labyrinthine, nightmarish experience. Panorama CineStar 3



Dir: Stephen Daldry. Key cast: Thomas Horn, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock. Having lost his father during the terror attacks of 9/11 a traumatised boy embarks on an odyssey across New York. Out of Competition Friedrichstadt-Palast


HYSTERIA See box, right


CAFE DE FLORE (Canada, France) Films, Distribution, 120mins. Dir: Jean-Marc Vallee. Key cast: Vanessa Paradis, Kevin Parent, Helene Florent. An epic love story between a man and woman. And between a mother and her son. Two people from two different eras who live two extraordinary moments of passion that shake their lives. A mystical and supernatural odyssey on love. CineStar 5

THE DEEP BLUE SEA (UK) Protagonist Pictures, 98mins. Dir: Terence Davies. Key cast: Rachel Weisz, Tom Hiddleston, Simon Russell Beale. Hester Collyer leads a privileged life in 1950s

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