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strip berlinale 13-2-12-2:Opmaak 1 10 SCREENINGS

International, 92mins. Dir: Jean-Marc Mineo. Key cast: Jon Foo. When Manit was 10, he witnessed his parents being murdered. He too was shot and left for dead. Placed in the care of a Muay Thai master, he recovered, but the bullet in his brain had changed him, severing him from all human emotion. Kino Arsenal 2

RESISTANCE (UK) Rezo, 93mins. Dir: Amit Gupta. Key cast: Andrea Riseborough, Michael Sheen, Tom Wlaschiha. What if D-Day failed and Nazis successfully invaded England? MGB-Kino


CHINA HEAVYWEIGHT (Canada, China) Cat& Docs, 89mins. Dir: Yung Chang. In central China, a master coach recruits poor rural teenagers and turns them into Western-style boxing champions. CineStar 5

FREELOADERS (US) Myriad Pictures, 80mins. Dir: Dan Rosen. Key cast: Jane Seymour, Kevin Sussman. A group of freeloading roomies, living in the lap of luxury at their rock star friend’s Beverly Hills mansion, are faced with the demise of their sweet set-up when they discover their digs are being put up for sale. CinemaxX 9

GAME OFWEREWOLVES (Spain) Vertice Sales, 103mins. Dir: Juan Martinez. Key cast: Gorka Otxoa, Carlos Areces, Secun De la Rosa. Due to a curse, a werewolf has been terrorising Arga. The only way to free the place is to feed the beast with a member of the family. Tomas, a loser writer and the only male descendent, happens to be a perfect candidate for it. Marriott 1

THE ICE DRAGON (Sweden) Delphis Films, 77mins. Dir: Martin Hogdahl. Key cast: Philip Olsson, Malin Morgan, Feline Andersson. On his adventurous quest for a new home, Mik, 11, the city boy, learns about whales, makes unlikely friends, falls in love for the first time and together they ride away on an ice dragon. CinemaxX Studio 18

LUPE OF THE COW (Mexico) IMCINE – Mexican Film Institute 79mins. Dir: Blanca X. Aguerre. This is the name of a character whom we never get to see and it serves as a playful excuse to get close to the inhabitants of a rural community in Sierra del Tigre, Jalisco, to talk about livelihoods in the Mexican countryside. Marriott 2

THE SANDMAN See box, below

SPAIN (Austria) Doc & Film International, 102mins. Dir: Anja Salomonowitz. Key cast: Gregoire Colin, Tatjana Alexander, Cornelius Obonya. An attractive young stranger ends up in the wrong country. He embarks upon a search for his rights, meeting people who are all searching for something, in this story of love, quests and obsessions. CinemaxX Studio 13


EL GUSTO (Ireland) Fortissimo Films, 88mins. Dir: Safinez Bousbia. Tells the amazing story of the reunion of a group of Muslim and Jewish musicians 50 years after their separation during the Algerian Civil War and follows their story as they are brought back together for a performance. CineStar 6

GOD BLESS AMERICA (US) Magnolia Pictures, 99mins. Dir: Bobcat Goldthwait. Key cast: Joel Murray, Tara Lynne Barr. A subversive, violent and darkly comedic social commentary on post 9/11 America, about a man who starts killing society’s cruelest people. Cubix 2

UN AMOR (Argentina) Urban Distribution International, 99 mins. Dir: Paula Hernandez. Key cast: Diego Peretti, Elena Roger,

Luis Ziembrowski. Two childhood friends fall in love with the same girl, Lisa. A love triangle starts until she suddenly leaves town. Thirty years later, on a business trip, Lisa decides to meet them again, bringing back old memories. CinemaxX 2


CAPTIVE (France, Philippines, Germany, UK) Films, Distribution, 120mins. Dir: Brillante Mendoza. Key cast: Isabelle Huppert, Katherine Mulville, Marc Zanetta Explores the experiences of 12 tourists and Christian missionaries who are kidnapped by Muslim terrorists and forced to walk for several months through the Philippine jungle. CinemaxX 10

COMES A BRIGHT DAY (UK) Intandem Films, 91mins. Dir: Simon Aboud. Key cast: Craig Roberts, Imogen Poots, Kevin McKidd. An offbeat, coming-of-age love story set during the armed robbery of London’s most exclusive jewellers. Sometimes funny, often dark, always captivating and never what you expect. Cubix 3

GYPSY SPIRIT (Austria) EastWest Filmdistribution 77mins. Dir: Klaus Hundsbichler. “I’ve always played Gypsy music, that’s what my father taught me. But now I would like to know where this

MARKET 13:00

THE SANDMAN (Switzerland) Atrix Films, 88mins. Dir: Peter Luisi. Key cast: Fabian Kruger, Irene Brugger, Beat Schlatter. Benno is a bitter, foppish, 30-something, failed composer who works at a stamp shop. Sandra owns the cafe under his place and spends her nights loudly practising her own compositions. He knows that he needs her to change his life. CinemaxX Studio 11

BROTHER Dir: Sacha Polak

Prod: Lemming Film (short, 10´) Tue Feb 14, 11:00 Haus der Kulturen der Welt 2 Wed Feb 15, 16:30 Haus der Kulturen der Welt 2 Fri Feb 17, 16:30

Haus der Kulturen der Welt 2

eye film institute netherlands at the EFM Martin-Gropius-Bau Stand 9 Ph: +49 30 767646-408

February 13, 2012 Screen International at the Berlinale 37 n »

PAPA’S TANGO Dir: Michiel van Jaarsveld

Prod: IJswater Films (short, 15´) Mon Feb 13, 16:30 Haus der Kulturen der Welt 2 Tue Feb 14, 10:00

Filmtheater am Friedrichshain Thu Feb 16, 11:00 Haus der Kulturen der Welt 2


THE PATH OF A HARE Dir/Prod: Lotte van Elsacker

(animation, 6´)

Tue Feb 14, 09:30 Haus der Kulturen der Welt 1 Wed Feb 15, 11:30 CinemaxX 3 Thu Feb 16, 10:00

Filmtheater am Friedrichshain

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