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Boyd felt he deserved more in life. One day he walked into a bank and successfully robbed it. His crime career was launched and he rose to become one of the most notorious gangsters in history. CineStar 5


MEN IN THE CITY II (Germany) Beta Cinema, 112mins. Dir: Simon Verhoeven. Key cast: Florian David Fitz, Nadja Uhl, Til Schweiger. While sorting out their chaotic relationships, the ‘men in the city’ run into new, amusing and sometimes absurd obstacles on their rocky road to happiness. CinemaxX Studio 14

THE MOORING (US) The Yellow Affair, 90mins. Dir: Glenn Withrow. Key cast: Hallie Todd, Karli Blalock, Anna Goodwin. When a houseboat, full of young teenage girls on a self-help programme, breaks down in the thick of an Idaho forest, it has to be moored. The arrival of a strange couple triggers a brutal murder – what follows is fast paced mayhem. CinemaxX 9

MY BROTHER THE DEVIL (UK) Pacha Pictures, 112mins. Dir: Sally El Hosaini. Key cast: James Floyd, Said Taghmaoui, Nasser Memarzia. Set in present-day Hackney in London, a film about brotherhood and betrayal. It’s the story of two teenage British Arab brothers whose relationship is put to the test over the course of one summer. CinemaxX Studio 12

SEA OF BUTTERFLY (South Korea) Cat&Docs, 89mins. Dir: Park Bae-il. After an eight-year relationship, Jae-nyeon and Woo-young decide to get married. Though similar brain lesions define them, the pair must confront and resolve marital issues identical to any other couple. CinemaxX Studio 18

Key cast: Christian Slater, Alexandra Torresani, Toby Hemingway. When a group of high school students dig into their town’s infamous past they unwittingly unlock an evil that corrupts and destroys them. CinemaxX Studio 19


MARKET 11:15

THE WORDS (US) Parlay Films, 101mins. Dir: Brian Klugman, Lee Sternthal. Key cast: Bradley Cooper, Jeremy

THE WORDS See box, above


MONSIEUR LAZHAR (Canada) Films, Distribution, 94mins. Dir: Philippe Falardeau. Key cast: Fellag, Emilien Neron, Sophie Nelisse An Algerian immigrant teacher takes over a Montreal middle-school class shaken by his predecessor’s suicide. CineStar 6

ZAMA ZAMA (South Africa) BLW Productions, 104mins. Dir: Vickus Strijdom. Key cast: Presley Chweneyagae, Lindani Nkosi, Khulu Skenjana. Malcolm has just obtained his own gold mine. He soon discovers the existence of illegal miners, a.k.a Zama Zamas, in the mine. A huge raid is about to take place when he uncovers that his estranged brother is also down there. dffb-Kino


CHOKED (South Korea) CJ E&M, 110mins. Dir: Kim

n 36 Screen International at the Berlinale February 13, 2012

Irons, Dennis Quaid. Follows a writer who, at the peak of his literary success, discovers the price he must pay for stealing another man’s work. Cubix 3

Joong-hyun. Key cast: Um Tae-goo, Park Se-jin, Kil Hae-Yeon. A few years ago, Youn-ho’s mother disappeared with the family’s money. He’s now trying to forge a new life with his girlfriend but more and more of his mother’s creditors keep knocking at the door. CinemaxX 6


(Serbia) 102mins. Dir: Maja Milos. Key cast: Isidora Simijonovic, Vukasin Jasnic, Sanja Mikitisin, Jovo Makisc, Portrait of a self- destructive, hedonistic teenage girl. Cubix 8

GREED (France) TF1 International, 93mins. Dir: Eric Guirado. Key cast: Jeremie Renier, Julie Depardieu, Alexandra Lamy A tense psychological thriller based on actual tragic events that made headlines in 2003. CinemaxX 2

METEORA (Germany, Greece)

RAT KING (Finland, Estonia) Making Movies Oy, 93mins. Dir: Petri Kotwica. Key cast: Julius Lavonen, Max Ovaska, Outi Maenpaa. Juri, 18, is addicted to online games. His acquaintance from the net, Niki, introduces him to an online game that gives players real life tasks. The deeper Juri gets into the game the more Niki starts taking over Juri’s life. Parliament

RUBBELDIEKATZ (Germany) Film1, 108mins. Dir: Detlev Buck. Key cast: Alexandra Maria Lara, Matthias Schweighofer, Sunnyi Melles.

Coproduction Office, 82mins. Dir: Spiros Stathoulopoulos. Key cast: Theo Alexander, Tamila Koulieva. CinemaxX 10

PREDISPOSED (US) Inferno Entertainment, 90mins. Dir: Phil Dorling. Key cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Melissa Leo, Tracy Morgan. Eli Smith, his troubled mother Penny and the hapless drug dealer Sprinkles have to face mistakes of the past, challenges of the future and the possibilities of love. Cubix 2

Alex’s acting career is not going well until he gets a part in a film as a woman next to Hollywood star Sarah. They both get along great until the inevitable happens: Alex falls in love with Sarah. CinemaxX 1


COMING HOME (France) Pyramide International, 91mins. Dir: Frederic Videau. Key cast: Agathe Bonitzer, Reda Kateb, Helene Fillieres. Gaelle is suddenly released by her kidnapper Vincent after eight years of captivity. As she had to earn her freedom day-by- day against him, she has to do so again, facing her parents and a world she discovers. CineStar 2


LIFE IN STILLS (Israel) Rise and Shine World Sales, 58mins. Dir: Tamar Tal. The story of 96-year-old Miriam Wissenstein and her grandson Ben, who embark on an exciting and touching journey to save their legendary shop ‘Photo House’ and its heritage of negatives documenting Israel’s most defining moments. CinemaxX Studio 17

PLAYBACK (US) Celluloid Dreams/ Nightmares, 99mins. Dir: Michael A. Nickles.

DIAZ – DON’T CLEAN UP THIS BLOOD (Italy, Romania, France) Fandango Portobello 127mins. Dir: Daniele Vicari. Key cast: Elio Germano, Jennifer Ulrich, Claudio Santamaria. A harrowing account of the brutal attack by 300 policemen on 90 activists, spending the night in a school during the G8 Summit in Genoa in 2001. CineStar 1


SINISTER (US) IM Global, 106mins. Dir: Scott Derrickson. Key cast: Ethan Hawke. Horror project. Marriott 3


BITTER SEEDS (US) Films Transit International, 88mins. Dir: Micha X. Peled. Why does a hardworking farmer in India think of killing himself by drinking a bottle of pesticide? It all makes horrible sense once you understand the forces at work: the tragic intersection of high- tech and traditional agriculture. CinemaxX Studio 16

FROZEN SILENCE (Spain, Lithuania) Latido Films, 114mins. Dir: Gerardo Herrero. Key cast: Juan Diego Botto, Carmelo Gomez, Jordi Aguilar. The hunt of a killer during the Second World War, a search where we won’t know who is the hunter and who is the prey until the very end. CinemaxX Studio 15

REBIRTH (France) TF1

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