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RAISING RESISTANCE (Germany, Switzerland) 85mins. Dir: Bettina Borgfeld, David Bernet. What happens when weeds become resistant to pesticides? LOLA@Berlinale CinemaxX 1


BEYOND THE HILL See box, below


JAYNE MANSFIELD’S CAR (Russia, US) 122mins. Dir: Billy Bob Thornton. Key cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Duvall, John Hurt, Kevin Bacon. Story of a culture clash

Maria Lara, Matthias Schweighofer, Sunnyi Melles. Alex’s acting career takes a turn for the better when is cast next to Hollywood star Sarah – only for Alex to fall in love with her. LOLA@Berlinale CinemaxX 1

WORDS OF WITNESS (US) 68mins. Dir: Mai Iskander. This documentary follows a young Cairo journalist named Heba Afify in the wake of the revolution. Panorama Dokumente CineStar 7

ZARAFA (France, Belgium) 78mins. Dir: Remi Bezancon, Jean- Christophe Lie. An imaginative animated film about the friendship between an African boy named Maki and a giraffe called Zarafa, who is to be given as a present to the King of France. An adventurous hot-air balloon journey from the heart of Africa to

between an American and a British family, set in the turbulent era of the Civil Rights movement and anti- Vietnam protests of the late 1960s. Competition Press Berlinale Palast

far-off Paris. Generation Kplus CinemaxX 3


CAPTIVE (France, Philippines, Germany, UK) 120mins. Dir: Brillante Mendoza. Key cast: Isabelle Huppert, Katherine Mulville, Marc Zanetta. Explores the experiences of 12 tourists and Christian missionaries who are kidnapped by Muslim terrorists and forced to walk for several months through the Philippine jungle. Competition Friedrichstadt-Palast



ARCADIA (US) 91mins. Dir: Olivia Silver. Key cast: John Hawkes, Ryan Simpkins, Kendall Toole. Dad and his three children are on the way to sunny California, relocating – again. He says mum will be joining

n 26 Screen International at the Berlinale February 13, 2012

them soon. Twelve-year- old Greta suspects that Dad is hiding something. Generation Kplus Haus der Kulturen der Welt Kino 1

METEORA (Germany, Greece) 82mins. Dir: Spiros Stathoulopoulos. Key cast: Theo Alexander, Tamila Koulieva. Competition Haus der Berliner Festspiele

THE SUN IN THE LAST DAYS OF THE SHOGUNATE (Japan) 110mins. Dir: Kawashima Yuzo. Key cast: Sakai Frankie, Hidari Sachiko, Minamida Yoko. Kawashima’s burlesque comedy is set in a brothel in the entertainment quarter of Shinagawa in 1862, where the problems of a young samurai, the establishment’s two most beautiful geishas and a crafty idler all come to a head. Forum Kino Arsenal 1

THE WALL (Austria, Germany) 108mins. Dir: Julian Roman Polsler. Key cast: Martina Gedeck. What happens when the light slowly goes out? Finding herself left alone, a woman is obliged to find ways of surviving in a forest. Based on Marlen

Haushofer’s novel of the same name. Panorama Special CinemaxX 7


THIS AIN’T CALIFORNIA (Germany) 90mins. Dir: Marten Persiel. The story of a bunch of kids who discover their love of ‘Rollbrettfahren’, as skateboarding was known in the GDR, on the socialist nation’s crumbling asphalt. Perspektive Deutsches Kino Colosseum 1

NO MAN’S ZONE (Japan, France) 103mins. Dir: Fujiwara Toshi. Director Fujiwara Toshi advances into the contaminated zone around the Fukushima nuclear reactors following the meltdown and conjures up images of an invisible apocalypse. Forum Press CinemaxX 6


KEEP ME UPRIGHT (France) 65mins. Dir: Zoe Chantre. Essay: director Zoe Chantre makes use of animated pencil sketches and a pile of old hard drives in order to document her long- term experience with scoliosis. Forum Delphi Filmpalast

KUMA (Austria) 93mins. Dir: Umut Dug. Key cast: Nihal Koldas, Begum Akkaya, Vedat Erincin. Fatma lives with her husband and six children in Vienna, trying to preserve the traditional values and the social prestige of her family. When Ayse, a 19-year- old girl from the Turkish countryside, is chosen to be married to Fatma’s son, a special friendship evolves between the two women. Panorama International

OFF WHITE LIES (Israel, France) 86mins. Dir: Maya Kenig. Key cast: Gur Bentwich, Elya Inbar, Tzahi Grad. Thirteen-year-old Libby arrives in Israel to live with her father Shaul, whom she barely knows. This charming rogue with many a brilliant idea is currently homeless. To wangle himself and Libby a bed at the home of well-to-do people, he passes himself off as a war refugee. Generation 14plus CinemaxX 3


BELIEF, LOVE, DEATH (Austria) 64mins.


BEYOND THE HILL (Turkey, Greece) 94mins. Dir: Emin Alper. Key cast: Tamer Levent, Reha Ozcan, Mehmet Ozgur.

A family reunion at the grandfather’s village is overshadowed by an escalating conflict over land and property rights. Forum CineStar 8


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