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Dir: Billy Bob Thornton. Key cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Duvall, John Hurt, Kevin Bacon. Competition Berlinale Palast

WILAYA (Spain) 88mins. Dir: Pedro Perez Rosado. Key cast: Nadhira Mohamed, Memona Mohamed, Aziza Brahim. After living in Spain for 16 years, Fatimetu returns to the Saharan refugee camp where she lived as a child and where she and her sister find a way of earning a living together. But Fatimetu is torn between life in the desert and her memories of Spain. Panorama Press CinemaxX 7

YOUNG ADULT (US) 94mins. Dir: Jason Reitman. Key cast: Charlize Theron, Patton Oswalt, Patrick Wilson. Mavis Gary doesn’t want to grow up. The author of a children’s book, she drifts between fantasy and reality. When she receives a birth announcement from her happily married ex-boyfriend, Buddy Slade, she decides to win him back. Berlinale Special Gala Press CinemaxX 9


BUGIS STREET REDUX See box, above right

FRIENDS AFTER 3.11 (Japan) 120mins. Dir: Iwai Shunji. In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and subsequent meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power station, director Iwai Shunji discusses with friends and experts the political, economic and social situation of a country in a state of dependence. Forum CinemaxX 4

MUGARITZ B.S.O. (Spain) 72mins. Dir: Felipe Ugarte, Juantxo Sardon. Key cast: Andoni Luis Aduriz, Felipe Ugarte. The chef A. L. Aduriz and the musician F.

Ugarte joined forces on a project with the aim of transforming a restaurant menu into a musical experience. Culinary Cinema Film & Food MGB Kinosaal/Spiegelzelt


BARBARA (Germany) 105mins. Dir: Christian Petzold. Key cast: Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld, Rainer Bock, Christiana Hecke. Barbara, a doctor, submits an application to leave the GDR and is punished by being sent to work in a hospital in a small town. While her Western lover is busy planning her escape, Barbara meets a colleague who makes her less sure of her plans. Competition Haus der Berliner Festspiele

BELIEF, LOVE, DEATH (Austria) 64mins. Dir: Peter Kern. Key cast: Traute Furthner, Peter Kern, Joao Moreira Pedrosa. Panorama Special International

HEMEL (Netherlands, Spain) 80mins. Dir: Sacha Polak. Key cast: Hannah Hoekstra, Hans Dagelet, Rifka Lodeizen. Hemel changes her sexual partners in rapid succession. The film of the same name takes a painfully precise, empathetic look at the life of this troubled young woman, who deploys her sexuality as a means of provocation. Forum Cubix 9

SALSIPUEDES (Argentina) 66mins. Dir: Mariano Luque. Key cast: Mara Santucho, Marcelo Arbach, Mariana Briski. It’s high summer in the wooded region near the town of Salsipuedes in Northern Argentina, where Rafa and Carmen are on a camping holiday. Yet Carmen’s black eye darkens the summer mood and casts a pall over the whole proceedings.

How did she get it? Forum Press CinemaxX 6

THE VIRGIN, THE COPTS AND ME (France, Qatar, Egypt) 85mins. Dir: Namir Abdel Messeeh. Against the background of the recent Egyptian Revolution the director explores the phenomenon of alleged appearances of the Virgin Mary to Coptic Christians. Panorama Dokumente Press CineStar 7

WINTER NOMADS (Switzerland) 90mins. Dir: Manuel von Sturler. Forum Colosseum 1


LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR (US, Canada) 106mins. Dir: Sheldon Larry. Key cast: Ephraim Sykes, Miss Barbie-Q, Phillip Evelyn. Whisks us away to the vibrant subculture of Los Angeles’ vogue balls where Brad, newly ostracised by his mother on account of his homosexuality, finds solidarity, acceptance and self-confidence. Musical. Panorama CineStar 3

SHARQIYA (Israel, France, Germany) 85mins. Dir: Ami Livne. Key cast: Adnan Abu Wadi, Maysa Abed-Alhadi. Kamel lives with what’s left of his Bedouin family in a camp on the edge of the Negev Desert. Their hut is to be pulled down. Although Bedouins have lived in the region for centuries they have no deeds to prove they own the land. The film describes the hopelessness of Kamel’s situation. Panorama Cubix 7 & 8


CAPTIVE (France, Philippines, Germany, UK) 120mins. Dir: Brillante Mendoza. Key cast: Isabelle Huppert, Katherine Mulville, Marc Zanetta. Competition Friedrichstadt-Palast


BUGIS STREET REDUX (Hong Kong, China) 103mins. Dir: Yonfan. Key cast: Hiep Thi Le, Michael Lam, Ernest Seah. Singapore in the monsoon season. When naive 16-year-old Lian arrives at

Hotel SinSin to start work as a home help she finds herself caught up in a hedonistic madhouse where she discovers life and love. Panorama Press CineStar Event Cinema


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Thursday 2/16 17:30 Haus der Kulturen der Welt Kino 1 16:30 MGB Cinema

ARCADIA 90 mins, USA, English, 2012, Drama

Directed by Olivia Silver Starring Academy Award© Nominee John Hawkes (Winter’s Bone, The Surrogate), Ryan Simpkins (A Single Man, Revolutionary Road), Ty Simpkins (Insidious, Little Children)

Greta’s dad is moving the family cross-country, promising a California paradise and packing half the household into a dented station wagon. All that’s missing is Mom.

World Premiere

» February 13, 2012 Screen International at the Berlinale 31 n

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