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crime lord who’s losing his edge. Parliament

MOLLY’S GIRL (US) 2 Bulls on the Hill Productions, 120mins. Dir: Scott Thompson. Key cast: Kristina Valada-Viars, Emily Schweitz, Ellen Dolan. About a wonderful, misfit girl named Molly, who although not gay, falls in love with a a gay/lesbian rights activist. Marriott 3


KILL ME See box, right

WHAT’S IN A NAME? (France) Pathe International, 110mins. Dir: Alexandre de la Patelliere, Matthieu Delaporte. Key cast: Patrick Bruel, Valerie Benguigui, Charles Berling. CineStar 4


BLIND MAN (France) EuropaCorp, 90mins. Dir: Xavier Palud. Key cast: Lambert Wilson, Jacques Gamblin. A cynical detective stumbles on intrigue in the corridors of power. CineStar 1

LEGENDS OF VALHALLA- THOR (Iceland, Germany, Ireland) Global Screen, 85mins. Dir: Oskar Jonasson, Gunnar Karlsson, Toby Genkel. An overconfident teen with a magical weapon and a handful of imperfect gods join forces against an evil queen and her army of giants. CineStar Event Cinema

ON THE INSIDE (Germany) Starberry. the media factory, 80mins. Dir: Uwe Janson. Key cast: Sheri Hagen, Ken Duken, Tyron Ricketts. What would you do if somebody took everything? An intense political thriller based on the true story of the massacres of Kivu in Kongo. Marriott 2

MARKET 16:20

KILL ME (Germany, France) Les Films du Losange, 91mins. Dir: Emily Atef. Key cast: Maria Victoria Dragus, Roeland Wiesnekker, Wolfram Koch. Since her brother’s

SAVING PRIVATE PEREZ (Mexico) Filmsharks International, 105mins. Dir: Beto Gomez. Key cast: Miguel Rodarte, Jesus Ochoa, Joaquin Cosio. Julian Perez, the most powerful man in Mexico, must embark on a mission given to him by his mother. Joined by a colourful band of infamous criminals, Julian must risk his life to rescue his brother from the war in Iraq. Marriott 1


THE ISLAND PRESIDENT (US) Films Transit International, 83mins. Dir: Jon Shenk. Maldives President Nasheed faces his greatest challenge: a rise of 3 feet in sea level caused by climate change would submerge most of the 1,200 islands. CinemaxX Studio 17

RAUL (Brazil) A.F. Cinema, 120mins. Dir: Walter Carvalho. Key cast:

n 42 Screen International at the Berlinale February 13, 2012

death, 15-year-old Adele feels stifled by her life. When she meets murderer-on-the-run Timo, she agrees to help him escape to Marseille if he promises to release her from life by killing her. CinemaxX Studio 15

Paulo Coelho, Caetano Veloso, Marcelo Nova. This documentary shows the several faces of a man, his partnership with Paulo Coelho, his marriages, his success phase and especially trying to solve the enormous communication that his songs established. CinemaxX Studio 11

TRASH (Canada) Entertainment One, 94mins. Dir: Benoit Pilon. Key cast: David Boutin, Isabel Richer, Sophie Desmarais. CinemaxX 2


PAYBACK (Canada) National Film Board of Canada, 86mins. Dir: Jennifer Baichwal. Key cast: Gabriel Morley, Avril Jacobson. CineStar 5

STILL LIFE (Austria) FreibeuterFilm 77mins. Dir: Sebastian Meise. Key cast: Fritz Hortenhuber, Christoph Luser, Daniela Golpashin.

Dir: Ronnie Thompson, James Nunn. Key cast: Sheridan Smith, Ralph Brown, Jack O’Connell. One tower block. Twelve tenants. One sniper. Someone is picking off the last remaining occupants of the building. CinemaxX Studio 19

17:30 HELL

A father pays prostitutes to play the role of his own daughter. The shocking revelation concerning his long-secret obsession tears up the family’s delicate fabric. CinemaxX Studio 13

TRACTOR, LOVE AND ROCK’N’ROLL (Slovenia) Slovenian Film Centre, 103mins. Dir: Branko Djuriae. Key cast: Tanja Ribic, Branko Djuric, Jaka Fon. A young country fellow wants to perform at public festivities with his rock guitar. He is not very successful, as his competition is a traditional gipsy band, but he manages to conquer the heart of Silvija, the village beauty. CinemaxX Studio 12


THE ADOPTED (France) StudioCanal, 100mins. Dir: Melanie Laurent. Key cast: Melanie Laurent, Denis Menochet. A heartfelt, hopeful, and bittersweet take on love and rebirth. CineStar 6


GENERATION P (US) Generation P 116mins. Dir: Victor Ginzburgg. Key cast: Vladimir Yepifantsev, Michael Yefremov, Andrei Fomin. A copywriter rises through Russia’s 1990s advertising

business and his initiation into the ancient cult of Ishtar, whose acolytes control the media. We also meet Che Guevara, a fiery dragon, and a chauffeur who resembles Putin. Cubix 2


ARBITRAGE (US) Parlay Films, 100mins. Dir: Nicholas Jarecki. Key cast: Susan Sarandon, Richard Gere, Tim Roth. Hedge-fund magnate Robert Miller is desperately trying to complete the sale of his trading empire before the depths of his fraud are revealed. An unexpected bloody error forces him to turn to the most unlikely corner for help. Cubix 3

SKYLAB (France) Films, Distribution, 113mins. Dir: Julie Delpy. Key cast: Julie Delpy, Eric Elmosnino, Noemie Lvovsky. Albertine, 10-years-old, and all her relatives have gathered in the family house in Bretagne for their grandmother’s birthday. All believe the Skylab, a piece of a NASA rocket, will fall on their heads that summer. dffb-Kino


TOWER BLOCK (UK) SC Films, International, 90mins.

(Germany, Switzerland) Beta Cinema, 86mins. Dir: Tim Fehlbaum. Key cast: Hannah Herzsprung, Stipe Erceg, Lars Eidinger. In the near future, the world that we know today no longer exists. Violent solar storms have dried up the earth, which is prey to an unbearable heat. CinemaxX Studio 14

HOTEL LUX (Germany) Global Screen, 110mins. Dir: Leander Haussmann. Key cast: Michael Herbig, Jurgen Vogel, Thekla Reuten. Berlin, 1930s. Cabaret star Hans Zeisig cracks up his audiences with his Stalin-Hitler show, but with the political atmosphere changing, he is forced to flee. He sets out for Hollywood, but makes it to Moscow’s Hotel Lux instead. CinemaxX 1

LIVING / BUILDING (France) Forum Office, 117mins. Dir: Clemence Ancelin. A French construction company is building a tarmac road in the middle of the Chad desert. The film selects its images carefully to explore the project’s impact on the region. CinemaxX 6

THE ORHEIMCOMPANY (Norway) NonStop Sales, 110mins. Dir: Arild Andresen. Key cast: Vebjorn Enger, Kristoffer Joner, Cecilie Mosli. A strong, humane tale about a boy growing up with an alcoholic father, but also an energetic story about teenage lust, pain and passion – about liberation and redemption. CinemaxX Studio 16

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