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to be a reason that the handicapped shouldn’t pay for parking. The argument articulated by the Illinois Secretary of State does- n’t hold water – she is concerned that some of the disabled who can’t afford it won’t be able to park. Well, there may be many people who can’t afford it who

dare we call it an intercom?


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can’t park. Does that mean we have a means test for parking charges, and that if you make less than a certain amount, you don’t have to pay for parking? Nonsense. I hope state Rep. Karen May pushes her law through. She

has a chance because she isn’t running for reelection and can withstand the slings and arrows she will receive.

And the Antithesis …

Posted Nov. 16, 2011, by JVH (Note: Read the post immediately below, then this one.) A street near where I was having breakfast the other day

was being blocked off because of a 5K that was being run for charity. I noticed that a flatbed tow truck drove by with a cou- ple of Mercedes on board. Probably left over from the previous night, blocking the street. There was a parking enforcement officer sitting in her

car, and I walked over and asked about the tows. “Yeah,” she said in a grouchy tone, “we tow immediately. The city needs the money.” I have heard this phrase from PEOs before. “The City

Needs the Money.” All the good my PEO friend did a few days earlier with his kindness to the elderly was erased by what this officer thought was a cute remark that was based on reality. For crying out loud – can’t someone tell these folks that

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“the city needs the money” is not what someone wants to hear as they see a car being towed. Couldn’t someone say, “Yes, we tried to find the owners, but the race is starting and we had to get the street cleared. We have had it signed for two days. They will be able to pick up their cars at the towing facility marked on the signs,” or some such. Or they could be taught to simply smile and say, “Good


He Did More Than All the PR Firms on Madison Avenue …

Posted Nov. 16, 2011, by JVH I parked in West Los Angeles the other day and was walk-

ing across the street as a PEO walked up to a car with an expired meter. He said, “Is this your car?” I said no, that I was parked at the paid meter across the street. I then asked him that if it were my car, would he have writ-

ten a citation? He said, “No, that’s why I asked. If it were yours, I would have let it slide.” I asked the PEO if he did that always, and he said “yes,” that if someone were walking up, he didn’t write the citation. At that moment an “old dear” – as they say in the UK –

walked up and asked if he had any change for the meter. The PEO said, “No, ma’am, but you can use a credit card. Howev- er, if you want to go in and get some change, I’ll make sure your car’s OK until you get back.” I didn’t ask, but I’m convinced that if she didn’t come back right away (she was moving slow-

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