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technology that allows healthcare supply constituents to coordinate benefits and care for consumers. The company offers solutions for Medicaid plans and Medicare Advantage. The name “TriZetto” comes from the Italian word “terzetta,” which is a musical term meaning that a composition has three parts. The three parts of TriZetto include information access and reporting, infrastructure and primary applications.

22. MedAssets Inc.

MedAssets consists of 3,100 employees in offices throughout the United States. MedAssets works with hospitals and health systems to improve operating margins and cash flow, thus making their partners financially stronger. The company expands its core value of teamwork with their Heart & Soul program, which pays employees to volunteer at charitable organizations on their time off.

23. 3M Health Information Systems 3M Health Infor- mation Systems is a science-based company with the goal of enhancing quality of life for

people worldwide. The company operates in over 65 countries and sells products in almost 200 countries. 3M has 80,000 em- ployees worldwide and 950 U.S. employees. 3M provides a wide range of products and services for healthcare as well as office products, highway safety and abrasives and adhesive. Thirty-five percent of the company’s sales are domestic, accounting for $9.5 billion of their $27 billion global sales in 2010.

24. Microsoft Health

Microsoft Health was founded in 1975 and is headquar- tered in Red- wood, Wash. During the

previous 13 years, Microsoft has increased health investments, currently working with health providers, payers, health and social services organizations, life science compa- nies and consumers throughout the world. In 2010, Microsoft Health acquired Sentil- lion Inc., giving them a portfolio of health solutions including identity and access man- agement technologies including Way2Care, expreSSo, Vergence, and proVision. Their

products also include Microsoft Amalga and Microsoft HealthVault. Their goal is the improvement of worldwide health through software innovation.

25. Oracle Corporation Oracle Corporation employs 104,500 people world- wide, including 30,000 full-time developers. The company serves

over 370,000 customers including all of the Fortune 100 companies. Their customers in over 145 countries range in size. Products from Oracle include integrated business software and hardware systems. Oracle states that it is the only vendor with the capability for selling a complete technology stack integrated into a single system that includes Sun server, storage, virtualization technology and operating system. Oracle’s healthcare provide secure, end-to-end solu- tions that support best practices and reduce costs.


26. Health- Port Tech- nologies LLC HealthPort Technologies

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and managed care payors. Lawson Software has 40 worldwide offices in North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Their headquarters are in St. Paul, Minn. Lawson’s mission is to make their customers stronger.

28. Science Applications Internation- al Corpora- tion

Science Appli- cations Interna- tional Corpora-

tion was founded in 1969 and created one of the first electronic health records systems. Today, Science Applications International provides health IT services in the areas of health data management, systems integra- tion, software lifecycle management, and security and privacy. Science Applications International has 1,900 U.S. employees. The company is based out of Mclean, Va.

was founded in 1976 and is now the largest provider of release of information services. They also provide health information and audit management technology. Clients of HealthPort Technologies include 44,000 physicians and 10,000 healthcare facili- ties. They fulfill more than a million health medical records requests monthly, over half of which are provided electronically. HealthPort has 3,700 U.S. employees. Their goal is to further improve services, advance the health information industry and offer cutting-edge technology. HeathPort’s head- quarters are in Alpharetta, Ga.

HealthPort HealthPort 27. Lawson Software

Lawson Software provides enterprise re- source planning software, support and ser- vices to enhance reliability, performance, re- liability, cost-effectiveness, and scalability for more than 30 years. Lawson Software has clients in healthcare, but also fashion, food and beverage, the public sector, equipment service management and rental, and service industries. Their healthcare unit works with IT vendors, hospitals, health systems, doc- tor’s offices, long-term care, non-acute care,

29. MedQuist Holdings Inc. MedQuist Holdings is a major provider in medical transcription software technology and services based out of Franklin, Tenn. MedQuist Holdings was founded in 1998. Today, the company has around 7,500 employees and employs the most domestic medical trancriptionists. MedQuist also employs engineers, service technicians, certified coding specialists, and sales associ- ates. MedQuist customers include 1,500 healthcare organizations. Their software solutions include digital voice capture, elec- tronic signature, speech recognition, mobile dictation devices, and medical coding systems and services, which better enable customers to manage clinical documenta- tion workflow.

30. GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is a $17 billion unit of General Electrics Company with 46,000 international employees in 100 countries. GE Healthcare is an expert in information technologies as well as medical imaging, medical diagnostics, performance improve- ment, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, and biopharmaceutical manufac- turing technologies. The company’s vision is to enable an “early health” model of care through disease prevention, pre-symptom- atic disease detection and earlier diagnosis of diseases. GE Healthcare’s headquarters are in Chalfont St. Giles, U.K.

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