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fulfillment center

Hoss and Tereshinski work with the Society’s more than 240 locations nationwide to stay informed about the services they offer, how many openings they have at their locations and any changes to their service availability. This helps ensure that callers receive the most accurate information. The coordinators also offer ideas for alternative resources when the need is one the Good Samaritan Society cannot meet, whether because of location, availability or service level.

“We hope to provide the best and most helpful information we can,” says Shane, “even if that means suggesting an option that is not the Good Samaritan Society. I think this really speaks to our commitment to our mission.”

says. “We help clients at times of crossroads in their lives from not knowing who to turn to, needing help with housework, finding care in their area, and helping family members find information that they otherwise would not seek out.”

Nearly half of the calls Hoss and Tereshinski take are referred immediately to a Good Samaritan Society center. The other half receive regular follow-ups from the fulfillment coordinators. Sometimes it turns out the person didn’t need the Society’s services — such as a woman Tereshinski talked with who was simply looking for senior volunteer opportunities (Tereshinski researched the area she lived in and forwarded some ideas to her).

The mission of The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society is to share God’s love in word and deed by providing shelter and supportive services to older persons and others in need, believing that “In Christ’s Love, Everyone Is Someone.”

When looking at other senior care providers, the Good Samaritan Society is unique in offering this type of call service. Anyone in the nation can call the marketing fulfillment center and have a one-on-one conversation about his or her specific situation. But it’s much more than just basic information that’s discussed.

“We talk with people in their time of need, their time of curiosity, and their time to tell us their story,” Tereshinski

12 The Good Samaritan • 2011 • Vol. 45 • No. 1

Other times, the services just aren’t needed right now — as when one man called Hoss knowing he wouldn’t be able to convince his parents to move for “quite some time,” but he wanted to get some information in the meantime. No matter what the circumstances are, every person who calls receives some kind of continued communication from the fulfillment center.

In 2010, the marketing fulfillment coordinators logged more than 4,100 follow-up activities with 1,200 people. “These activities include phone calls, mail

outs, e-mails, connecting prospects with Society locations, arranging for home care assessments and more,” Shane says. “Through these activities, Tim and Anne establish strong trust and rapport with these individuals.” That, Shane says, helps reassure the callers that as their needs and situations change, they will always be able to contact the Good Samaritan Society and know there is someone there who truly cares about their well-being.

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