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show their placards and citations. The department official could bring a laptop with a list of all placards issued, and whom they were issued to. The person showing up would have to show a placard and a valid ID. NYC would be receiving a lot more citation revenue, so it could

afford to have a couple of people roaming around the city, voiding improperly issued “placard” tickets. My guess is that after a couple of months, the problem of mis-

used or fraudulent or Xeroxed placards would be reduced to a slow drip. Problem solved.

Yankees Down 4 zip to Parking, Botton of the 9th, Two out, Batter 0 and 2 Over on our Facebook page, Wanda has posted an article about

the parking lots at Yankee Stadium. You can read it here. The hum- mer driving girl is right. Who in their right mind is going to pay $35 to park at a friggin’ ball game. It's like these people have no clue. The numbers are going down down down and they think the way to increase revenue is to raise prices. Let's see, what happens when gas prices go up – people buy less

gas. What happens when the cost of water goes up (as it did during the drought in California) – people use less water. So what do these brainaics think?When you raise the prices for parking more people will drive and park there? The article predicts default before the end of the season. Then what? I'll tell you what – the city of New York will be pressured to

step in and cover the bond holders. It was a bad deal when it was conceived, a bad deal when it was built, and a bad deal now. The article's author is right –Mayor Bloomberg will be forced

to step in and save the day. In the meantime the companies that are profiting are the local garages a block or so away who sell out during the games. (Some, I'm told, have been asked to reserve large blocks of space for groups coming to the game.)

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three weeks early at

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