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tectural design, including landscaping, graphics and other factors. In response to its rapid growth over the past several years,

Green Courte Partners (GCP) Chairman Randy Rowe said the firm has split leadership of its financial function into two roles – a Chief Financial Officer and a Chief Accounting Officer. Jane E. Mody has joined GCP as Managing Director, CFO. Existing Man- aging DirectorMike Tarkington, as CAO, retains responsibility for all accounting, audit and tax functions. Simon Property Group has become one of the first retail

developers to offer electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at its properties. Initial installations were completed in April at its Florida Mall in Orlando (with Car Charging Group) and at Stan- ford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, CA(with 350Green). “Meet- ing the needs of the first-to-market drivers of electric vehicles in the communities we serve is yet another example of our commit- ment to sustainability,” said George Caraghiaur, SPG’s Senior VP of Energy and Procurement. Digital Payment Technologies (DPT) has now deployed 28

Luke multi-space parking pay stations in Surfside, FL. Twenty- three of them, installed in November 2010, have driven an aver- age cumulative parking revenue increase of 51%, officials said. The solar-powered pay stations have replaced more than 500 sin- gle-head meters, bringing consumers increased benefits such as the acceptance of bills, coins and credit cards, as well as an increased time limit. “We reviewed a number of options … but found DPT’s pay stations were the most feature-rich and user- friendly,” said John Di Censo, the town’s Assistant Police Chief. Impark has been recognized by the Toronto chapter of the

Building Owners &Managers Association (BOMA) as a recipi- ent of its 2011 Pinnacle Award for Innovation. The company was honored at a BOMA awards dinner-ceremony for development

and implementation of its online, self-serve, monthly parking website. Gordon Craig, Regional Senior VP, and Nancy Forget, Manager of Business Development, both of the Impark Toronto team, accepted the award on behalf of the company at the late- April event. Advanced Parking Concepts, LLC, (APC) headquartered in

Verona, NJ, is proud to announce the hiring of Mr. Julio Bendezu as Director of Business Development. APC has been the tri-state recognized leader in providing parking and shuttle services to residential communities, medical facilities, special events, univer- sities and corporations. In addition to further developing these servicesMr. Bendezu will manage a fully licensed joint venture in adding Concierge, Door, and Security Services to residential and commercial properties.With more than 25 years’ of impecca- ble experience in the security field, Mr. Bendezu enhances the APC profile with his dedication to the security industry. Utilizing his sense of business planning, Julio has a well-earned reputation of strategically placing security professionals to ensure employee continuity. His 24 hours accessibility to the clientele is legendary. TagMaster announces the installation of automatic vehicle

identification for access control in Conakry Harbor,West Africa. The installation is being handled by TagMaster’s systems integra- tor, ETL Security of ConakryWest Africa. The installation is part of a rebuilding and modernization project to improve the capaci- ty, efficiency and security of the most important harbor in Guinea. In the first phase, the installation will be used for the access con- trol of trucks and vehicles driving in and out of the harbor. Today more than 500 trucks and 200 other vehicles deliver around 1,000 tons of goods every day.


NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal to Boast World’s Largest LED Display

This summer, New Yorkers will witness the transformation

of one of the city’s most forgettable buildings into a model of modern technology. The Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT), in midtown Manhattan between 40th and 42nd streets, will soon boast the world’s largest transparent media façade, effectively covering the building’s outdated steel façade. GKD-USA, the leading manufacturer of woven metal fabrics, secured the con- tract to manufacture and install 6,000 square feet of its Medi- amesh on the PABT. The project will feature 16 panels containing 1.325million LED diodes. The panels are tensioned stainless steel metal fabric installed on two sides of the building, each side com- prising eight panels. The façade provides a multitude of benefits to the PortAuthority, including opportunities for advertising rev- enue given its prime location one block from Times Square. The addition of the façade alsowill hide the terminal’s 1970s-era steel overlay, which earned the PABT the unflattering designation as one of the 10 ugliest buildings in the world by However, given the transparent nature of the material, natural lighting and interior views will not be obstruct- ed to occupants inside the building.

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