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“You surprise yourself with what you can do. I enjoy pushing my body to its boundaries and beyond what I thought was possible”

After university, Scott took up a graduate post in drilling engineering. “I worked off-shore on oil rigs. From having an active childhood and doing sport all through university I was suddenly doing no exercise and I gained weight very quickly. When I moved on-shore again I joined a gym to get fit but although I was getting healthier I was bored with gym work. Then I saw the Aberdeen Triathlon advertised in the paper.” Scott had the bug, and continued to compete for a couple of seasons as an age group triathlete. He had the benefit of being a good swimmer, and found he was out of the water two to three minutes

ahead of the others, but he was soon caught by guys who were strong on the bike. A year or so later he decided to be more specific and joined a bike club and a running club.

Scott’s training

I asked Scott how much training he does: “I periodise and phase my training throughout the year, but I would say a ball park figure is 20 to 40 hours a week, but stretching, gym and rehab is also an important part of training. In distance I might do three to five sessions of swimming, amounting to 15 to 25k a week, with 400 to 800k on the bike and 50 to 120k of running.” To make it easier Scott likes to train

around people as much as possible. “I go to swim squad sessions and get mileage on the bike with bike guys. I join in run club sessions too: being multi-sport and training with single sport guys means that I am always learning something.” He has an iPod for long sessions, but he taps into mental discipline on other sessions. “If I’m doing a track session I think about the repeat I’m doing and getting to the end – and then I think about the recovery. If I thought about the whole session I would go nuts! “Planning is key, you get to know your

body and know when to take an extra day of rest ahead of time, rather than grinding another session out, where you might be going backwards rather than forwards. “I coach myself, and mostly write up

my own plans, but I do take advice from coach Joe Beer in the UK, who acts in a mentoring role. “Being a professional athlete means that consistency week after week is of the utmost importance. “You always think that you can do

more, but more can be less if you’re not looking after yourself.”

“When I tell people some of the sessions I do they think I am crazy, but I had met Ironman guys before and been gobsmacked by their training,” he tells

me. “You surprise yourself with the sessions you find you can do. I enjoy pushing my body to its boundaries or beyond what I thought was possible.” And this approach has reaped

rewards. In 2007 Scott won Ironman UK. “It made me smile for a whole week. It gave me an internal feeling of contentment, and it was very special.”

Train… Eat and Sleep!

“To do the amount of training I do, rest, recovery and nutrition are very important – as is sleep.” Scott tries to sleep in the day for one to

two hours, so that he is really ready for the next session, as he sometimes trains three times a day. He also makes sure he keeps himself aligned and injury-free. “I have a sports massage once a week and see a physio or chiropractor every three to four weeks,” he says. With nutrition playing a huge part, so does supplementation and Scott is sponsored by PowerBar and Neovite. “Everyone should eat a good diet but the demands of the Ironman mean that it is hard to get enough minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Nutrition is a very personal thing and comes through trial and error and listening to your body.”

A philosophy that works

“You have one chance in life. Follow your heart. Don’t cry when it hurts,” says the biog on Scott’s website. “I’d like to carry on improving; I am

always tweaking and changing,” Scott tells me. “I’d like to win another Ironman,” he adds. “I don’t actually see myself as a talented athlete. I’m more of a hard worker. I think if you’re willing to put in the hard work you can do anything you want to.” n Check out Scott’s website to see his many achievements n Listen to Julia’s podcast with Scott at



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