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out. That was back in 2007 and I know there will be many of you who will be queueing to get tickets for this gig. His voice is milk and honey with an edge of steel and a range that will bring tears to your eyes (tissues...I did warn you!). Singing across the styles, Soul, Blues, Jazz, this guy deserves to be heard by a much wider audience. Captivating and intense, Thursday 17th March at 8pm is the date to remember; it’s a show you can tell your grandchildren about. Friday 18th March at The Windjammer is another gig

that you’ll need to get to early. It is, ostensibly, a freebie, but there will be a hat...and, I think, it’s a hat you’ll be only to happy drop a half a crown in. You saw The Carravick Sisters here and loved them...I know, cos you told me. You also saw Naomi Sommers at the Windy and the reaction to her mix of country/folk/ bluegrass was more than enthusiastic, I can tell you. So, how about the two of them, together, kicking off their joint tour, here in Dartmouth? It’s true,

Carravick Sisters

Naomi Sommers

and yet another example of how hard people work to get us amazing artists that you’d pay a real premium to see anywhere else. Well done Andy, and thanks. Be there; enjoy the music; drink in the atmosphere (and the beer!) and say a heartfelt thank’ee to the man who gets all these brilliant people to play.

THEATRE The gloves of impartiality are well and truly removed for

the next couple of paragraphs. It’s not something I do on a regular basis but I make no apology for it in this instance. The Inn Theatre Company, who, as you know, present Dartmouth Shakespeare Week every year, are presenting a play written especially for them at The Flavel on 24th, 25th & 26th March at 7.30pm. Called ‘Dominion’, it deals with love, leaving and dying...but don’t be put off by the seemingly ‘dark’ story. It has moments of real comedy, the type of intimate comedy that is so recognisable yet rarely sees the light of day, and moments of poignancy (more tissues please!) that will also raise a smile; one of familiarity and, perhaps, longing. Siobhan is dying, but has a plan: to find her husband a new partner before she leaves. She has a companion, that only she can see, in whom she confides and with whom she argues, getting things straight in her mind before involving her husband. Things become a little more complicated when a new nurse comes to care for her...a new nurse who was at school with Eddie. The company are very proud of this play and the story it tells and, because of its subject matter, will be donating to Rowcroft Hospice to help them continue the fantastic work

they do. I have to say that it’s a challenge doing something of this intensity but it is really very moving to see the commitment and dedication that the cast have shown in putting this production together; I’ve been pretty involved myself, having written and directed it. Looking forward to seeing you there for ‘Dominion ’ on Thursday, Friday and Saturday the 24th, 25th & 26th March @ The Flavel.


WARNING...STOP PRESS... ...or what’s going on. It’s crystal-ball time. No, it’s not, I’m lying; I got an e-mail from James Harris, hard-working blokey on the Music Festival Committee, and he’s given me, to pass on to you, a few pointers as to who will be appearing this year. The ‘when’ and the ‘where’ will be confirmed closer to the date but by the cringe, there are some a-maz-ing artistes due to blow yer socks off at this year’s festivities! You like-a da Blues? Then Hamilton Loomis is the chap for you. Reminiscent, guitar-style-wise, of such luminaries as B.B. King and Bo Diddley, with smooth, striking vocals, this a definite must-see. Personally, I like my blues a little rougher round the edges, a la Rory Gallagher, but that’s not to say I won’t be down the front, bopping with the best of ‘em! Soulful funk, with a bluesy edge your thing? Phantom Limb will fill your glass to overflowing. Raw, yet powerfully understated, giving the silky vocals that lift that puts this band head and shoulders above so many others that aspire to play this sort of music. Reminded me of Sade or Ruby Turner...and they recently supported Rumer on her UK tour. More of the same? But jazzier? Good; you’re going to love Natalie Williams. This lady has been resident singer at Ronnie Scott’s, playing alongside the likes of Jeff Beck and Tower of Power, and has recently been nominated for a MOBO. To better give you an notion of her style, she has also been a featured artist with some of music’s greats, like Jamie Cullum, Goldie & The Neville Brothers. See you there? Swing your thing? Django? Tango? A healthy mix of all three with a twist? Then keep your eyes open for the dates when Moscow Drug Club are playing. They are about as much fun as you can have using just your ears and your feet! And, if you can, give a listen to their version of Leonard Cohen’s song ‘Dance Me to the End of Love’. Tango-ed, naturally! And that, dear readers, is just a small sample of what you can expect at this year’s Music Festival. It’s already shaping up to be the best yet. See you there? Thanks for your indulgence!

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