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Why You Should Get a PhD in Science By Dennis Moore Hopkins

ture. It then translates into theories or laws that could be tested. PhD in Science is a general view for those who want to pursue a doctorate in the branches of sciences. Among the available branches of science are like biomedical, genetics, cellular bi- ology, microbiology, pharmacology, physiology, zoology, botany, ecology, for- estry, environmental science and anatomy. Courses vary for each different branches of science. Generally a doctorate in any of the branches of science requires many re- searches, experiments, measurements and analysis as a part of study. There will be theoretical studies but there is also train- ing involves in the particular science one takes up to study further. One who has a PhD in Science with


any chosen branches might land himself or herself a job as a microbiologist, phar- macist, zoologist, botanist, ecologist, bio- medical technologist, physiologist and

cience is defines as a systematic ap- proach to gather knowledge on na-

geneticist. Just like any PhD holder, one could also end up in a job of being a pro- fessor who lectures and teaches about the specific branch of science that he or she is specialised in. It could be at universities or colleges. One could also be a researcher in his or her field for the government of some private institutes. We could see that a PhD in Science

could bring advantages to individuals, families, society, human and even animals and plants. Without science, many living things will be in vain. The studies and re- searches of those in the science fields have enhanced health, environment, technolo- gy and nature. Most of what we live by comes from science. For those who desire to pursue a doctorate in science, choose one branch of science that really appeals to your passion and interest. But whatever the choice is, we could be sure it will bring advantages to all.


Why Get a PhD in Business Management? By Stuart Michael M.

a lot of years doing research and hard work. Dedication in your field is also needed in order for you to earn your doc- torate degree. Unfortunately, not everyone can get a PhD especially in Management. Some do not have enough time while oth- ers lack financial support. Thus, they pre- fer to be employed rather than gaining more understanding on their field and get a PhD.

B There is a vast range of work-related

benefits if a person holds a Business Man- agement PhD title. One of the main rea- sons why some people are so determine to


efore you get to earn your Business Management PhD, you have to spend

be a PhD degree holder is because they want to land on the job that they have been dreaming of. There are a lot of companies that prefer people with PhD to work for them. You can have numerous employ- ment options such as a business researcher and a college professor as well. Without a doubt, those who have PhD

in Business Management can also have a better start once employed. Compared to those who only have bachelor’s degree, they can immediately get higher pay even if this is their first job. And although a master’s degree can also put you a step ahead of the other job seekers related to business administration and management,


you have bigger chances of being em- ployed in the company of your dreams if you have PhD. It may consume a lot of your time and

money. But once you have earned your Business Management PhD, everything will be all worth it especially when cash starts to come in because you landed a good position in a company. If you have the brains, the determination, and the money to continue a doctorate degree then don’t hesitate to gain more knowledge and understanding in your chosen field.


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