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night. A floor lamp has one of the incandescent 15/135/150 watt 3-ways, which we use in the 15 watt position each night.

The 3rd

3-way lighting fix-

ture also has one of the incandescent 3-ways with the 15 watt option, but

THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, May 6, 2010

we seldom use that lamp at all. Supposedly, all incandescent light bulbs will be illegal to sell after 2012. It’s supposed to be an energy saving law. In truth, however, there is no compact florescent lamp, 3-way or otherwise that uses only 15 watts. All in




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1198 Weirs Boulevard • At the Bridge in Weirs Beach

“100% Frozen Concentrate” proclaims this label. Good to know it’s not just 80% frozen!

fact, use more! Based on what’s available now, the new law will compel us to use more electricity after our supply of incandes- cent 3-way lamps runs out. Years ago, I bought a

small lamp in the same local hardware store, one which uses a 15 watt candelabra based, inside frosted, torpedo shaped incandescent lamp. The esthetic character of the lamp and its little clip-on shade both dictate that the preceding description is that of the only suit- able replacement bulb. However, the store where

I bought the lamp has never carried a replace- ment bulb that meets all the criteria of the bulb the lamp came with (the same criteria that I’ve mentioned)! Therefore, it’s Malzy and the Internet to the rescue, where he was able to obtain a sup- ply of both types of hard to find lamps. We’ve now a case of one dozen of the 3-ways and 15 of the little torpedo shaped lamps. These supplies should hold us well beyond the 2012 deadline of obsoles- cence for incandescent lamps.

Continuing on the sub-

Call or Email Today!

Call or Email Today!

1192 Weirs Blvd, Rte 3, Weirs Beach 603-366-4673 •

1, 2 & 3 BR cottages with kitchens, AC, WIFI, sandy beach, outdoor fireplace, gas grills, docking & private island with tiki bar. Park at your door & walk to

everything at Weirs Beach. Pets welcome.

1192 Weirs Blvd, Rte 3, Weirs Beach 603-366-4673 •

ject of household items, I’ve found a superior cof- fee filter, of the type that fits basket type, drip cof- fee makers. Most of these paper filters, seemingly regardless of brand, are aggravating to use. They are either ill shaped, all stuck to one another or haven’t been cut uniform- ly. In my experience, a fair number have wound up in the trash, too mis- shapen to use. It’s not a big thing really, seeing as how they are cheaper than dirt. However, quite by accident, I bought what turned out to be a horse of a different color (so to speak). I bought a box of coffee filters with just one different word of descrip- tion on the box. That word is “unbleached.” The fact that they’re

unbleached is a “green come-on” I suppose. If, during processing, no bleach is used when mak- ing paper products, less environmental damage is incurred, or at least that’s how the story goes. In reality, I believe that there are too many other potential differences in the plants in which pa- per products are made for one criterion such as bleach or no bleach to dictate which product is “greener.” Therefore, I’m leery of buzzwords such as unbleached. I must confess, I didn’t notice the unbleached claim on the box until I got it home. After opening the box, I

did immediately notice the brown color of the nor- mally snow white filters. I couldn’t care less about that; all coffee filters wind

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