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THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, May 6, 2010


“Socialism Has A Violent History - Is Anti- Religion - Anti-Wealth - Anti-Family”

by Niel Young

Advocates Columnist

Last week some of my

radio listeners challenged me on my statements that Barack Obama is cre- ating jobs by increasing the IRS by 16,000 plus agents. Quick thinking by a Londonderry listener (Kathy Getchell) sent this information: “Yesterday, the IRS reported that it will hire 16,000 new Tax Agents to keep up with the new taxes that will result due to the new Obama and Democratic Party Health Bill (AP, 25 March 2010). Obama and the Demo- cratic leadership stated that they want to make sure that everyone pays all their new taxes that result from this new bill. “This new Health Bill

has so many new middle class taxes that the IRS believes that these new 16,000 Tax agents (may

increase) will make sure that every American pays the taxes that they are required as directed by this new Health Bill that impacts nearly every area of our personal lives.” http://www. ireport. com/docs/DOC-424614 *******

I have an acquaintance

in Virginia, Bob Warren, whom I have never met in person. Bob was a guest by phone on the Saturday show a year ago. This is a recent writing from Bob titled: “Socialism - the Downside.” “Among the simplest

definitions of socialism is that it is a philosophy that advocates state ownership of industry. It focuses on collective usefulness rath- er than individual value. It stands in opposition to the free enterprise system that has sustained America for over 200 years. “Socialism has a violent

history. Stalin’s Union of Soviet Socialist Republics murdered 7 to 10 million Ukrainians by starving them to death. Hitler’s

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National Socialists sys- tematically executed 6 mil- lion Jews. Mao’s Peoples Republic ushered in the death of over 70 million Chinese thanks to its great leap forward. Lesser so- cialist like Pol Pot and Kim Jong-Il, killed for the glori- ous utilitarian purposes of the state. Today’s most benign forms of socialism still have a utilitarian tinge when it comes to the treat- ment of the aged, infirmed and children yet to be.

“Socialism is anti-reli-

gion. The socialist’s utili- tarian concept directly competes with the idea that there is a God and that every human being has a connection to that

God. To synopsize Karl

Marx, God is a threat to state control. Many social- ist dictators try to stamp out religion all together. Others try to make it into a state function or con- vert it for politically cor- rect purposes. In modern Europe, Christianity has been so assaulted that Islam is now the domi-

nant religious practice in many nations. In the United States, Christian- ity is continuously under attack by activist courts and legislative decisions that intentionally and un- constitutionally drive reli- gious expression out of the public sphere. “Socialism is anti-wealth.

The socialist fundamental- ly believes that the blood, sweat and tears of an in- dividual belong to the col- lective and the state.

If an

individual comes up with a unique idea, works hard to perfect that idea, and then successfully enters the market place, his success belongs to everyone as an entitlement. “The United States just

turned a rather disturbing corner this past year with nearly 50% of its citizens not paying any income taxes. But the situation is actually worse. Indi- vidual wealth creators are now being treated with such suspicion that they must often get permis- sion to create. This is an impossible burden as no creative individual knows

in advance all of the rami- fications and risks of his endeavors. “Socialism is anti-family.

The socialist fundamental- ly believes that the family is a threat to the collective. Strong families with strong fundamental principles operate within the state but work and act indepen- dently. As citizens, they do not need or want help from anyone let alone the state. On the other hand, weak families become de- pendent on the state, - and the more dependence on the state, the more these families are subject to po- litical power and control. It is no surprise that there is an epidemic of single individuals with children who cannot sustain their lives without state en- titlements. It is also no surprise that marriage is under attack and often penalized through taxes. “Socialism is anti-consti- tutional. The Constitu- tion creates a framework within which the American federal, state and local jurisdictions work. It was

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