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8 Time 4 Me, February 2010
beauty sharp
At the end
IVEN my phobia of injections, wonder idly who I’d most like to look like.Facial acupuncture is
Ifrown thinking of ChrisMartinasaacupuncture mightseem like a
husband and then am brought back fromstrange choice for arelaxing way not everyone’sidea
my mental rantsbyapowerfulsurge ofto “improve the body’s energyG
paininmyforehead. The needlesrunningand blood flow”. of apainless beauty
across my frown lines in an effort toBut whenatwo-hour sessionpromises
erase themare fighting my muscularto knock fiveyears off my age Iput aside fix. CLARE CASEY
aversion to Coldplay.fears and sign up.
Lilja tells me Ishould see someAcupuncture is not anew thing; it’s about bravely heads to
difference in just onesession,but that she5,000 years old. According to ancient
recommends aseriesofthemtoreallyseeChinese medicine there is an intricate Crystal Palace to
the benefits.networkof“energypathways” running
Within amonth, youthful glow and liftthroughout the body. see what all the fuss
would be evident because of the new cellAnything can upset these –stress, the is about
growth thathas beenstimulatedand bloodgrind of daily life, grief, depression, pain –
circulation improved.and when they are out of sync that can
When it’s over Ifeelgreat,reallywarmcause illness.
and euphorically happy –whether that’sAcupunctureclaims tocureawhole
because I’ve faced my fears or because ofrange of things by using aseries of “Ow” Isay.
the acupuncture, Idon’t know.different length, super-thin stainless-steel “Don’t worry,” says Lilja. “The ears are
She doesn’t offer me amirror to see myneedles placed in specific places all over theworst;there’s alot of muscle and
new face so Idash home to check.the body to get everything flowing again. cartilage and nerve endings in there, so
Iwasn’t likeabasset hound to beginWhat I’mherefor is facial rejuvenation – we’ll get those overwithfirst.”
withbut the wrinkles on my foreheadakindofnatural“facelift”–favoured by a Iamtold to try deep breathing and she
andmydistinctfrown linesare definitelywhole host of celebrities who want to look waits patiently to put eachneedle in on an
less visible.younger without going under the knife. outward breath.
Suddenly my fears are behind me.Igotosee Lilja Katanka, an accredited Most sting, but the ones going into my
No anaesthesia, no surgery, nomember of the BritishAcupuncture toes andwristsIbarelyfeel.
poisonous botox –just amonthly bout ofCouncil, who asks alot of questions, When they are in Ifeel tingly all over, like
acupuncture to give the face anatural lift.feels my pulse and asks me to stick out there’s something rushing between the
Brilliant. Sign me tongue. hairs on my head.
Next Ijump up on the bed and wait Ihave atotal of 74 needles in me –50
◗ Lilja Katanka is based in variousnervously for the session to begin and frommytoestothe tip of my head and
locations. ClareCasey visitedask if it will hurt, quickly 20-odd tiny ones in my face.
herin4Belvedere Road,telling her I’m afraid It’s not painful now, just abit weird. And
Crystal Palace SE19 2AT.of needles and that I when they are all in and Itentatively open
Prices vary, around £35-can’t look. my eyes Ican see probes poking out of my
£55. Visit www.lifeisforIshut my eyes and forehead, cheeksand scalp. or callfeel apain surge Iclose my eyes –it’s all abit much –and
0773 910 5885.through my ear, then driftoff into akindofdeeprelaxation.
another and Ithink about the people Lilja has told me
another. Asharp arebig fans of facial rejuvenation:
intake of breath Madonna, Sophie Dahl
and it’s onto and Gwyneth
the other Paltrow,
ear. and
TIME 4 ME 008 Feb 2010
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