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Issue: 21 December 2009
‘War on terror
is a failure’
nature of today’s globalized world.
The castle gates simply cannot be
closed,” he said.
The report argued that the most
serious future threats to global
security will come not from groups
like al-Qaida but from the impact
of the widening global rich-poor
divide, marginalisation and climate
“Attempting to maintain the
status quo for wealthy communities
in what will be a fragile and unstable
world will be self-defeating,” it
“In a divided and increasingly
constrained world, an elite minority
‘War on terror’ has failed in almost all its might at least help us develop our
will not be able to prosper at the
aims, but one important consequence understanding of global security in
expense of the majority – a transition
could be far more effective responses a manner appropriate to the 21st
to a sustainable security policy
to future global security challenges, Century,” it concluded.
rooted in emancipation and justice
according to a leading UK think-tank. Professor Paul Rogers, the author
is essential,” Rogers concluded.
A new study from Oxford Research of the report, described the old
Group (ORG), published pointed approaches as getting “essentially
to multiple failures in the military obsolete” and said that the future
response to the 9/11 atrocities, need will be “less emphasis on military
including over 100,000 civilian deaths, responses and much more on conflict
120,000 refugees and continuing prevention.”
violence in Iraq, and a disastrous war “The war on terror has been a
in Afghanistan. classic example of what might be
a symbol
The report, entitled Global Security termed ‘liddism’ – keeping the lid on
after the War on Terror, predicted that security threats without recognizing,
one consequence may actually be a still less understanding, the underlying of Unity
fundamental re-thinking of many of reasons for insecurity,” said the
the old approaches to international professor of peace studies.
security. “Such an approach - the
“The war on terror has been a determined effort to maintain control
& Peace
disaster, but recognizing its failure - fails to recognize the interconnected
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