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Passion Islam I December 2009 ORLD NEWSW I 15
Role of Muslim communities to
promote Islamic unity highlighted
experiences Islamic unity through
wearing the same coverings, starting
their worship from the same point and
towards the same target,” he added.
“Paying attention to the philosophy
of Islamic worshiping is what Islam
and the holy Quran stress.”
Noting that Sunni Muslims are
living without any problems in Islamic
Republic of Iran, Nazir Ahmad Salami
said, “If all governments including
the government of Saudi Arabia
thoroughly acted upon the teachings
of the Quran and the holy prophet of
“The role of Muslim communities Nazir Ahmad Salami said, “Islamic Islam (PBUH), Muslims would live a
in promoting Islamic unity is as unity is best manifested in Hajj and, in better life, in peace and solidarity.”
important as the role which Islamic fact, all the rituals of Hajj are meant to He regretted that there is discord
governments can play in this respect,” boost unity.” in the Islamic Ummah, referring to it
a Sunni university lecturer said in In Makkah, the land of revelation, as the main reason for weakness of
Saudi Arabia. Muslim Ummah practically the Muslim world.
Makkah hosts
conference on youth
An international conference on
“Problems of Muslim Youth in the
Globalization Era” was held in the
holy city of Makkah by Islamic World
League on November 22 to 24.
According to Rohama website,
Abdullah bin Abdul Mohsin Al-Turki,
Director General of the league said,
“The conference was organized in
order to help solve problems faced by
young Muslims in today’s world, make
them aware of the threats they are
facing and prevent them from going
astray morally and intellectually.”
“In the globalization era, Muslim
communities are socially and
“A number of scholars and He went on to say that intellectual
culturally influenced by the West
intellectuals of the Islamic world problems of the Muslim youth
and it is the duty of Muslim scholars, and officials in charge of Islamic and their economic, social and
organizations and media to stand up organizations as well as university psychological difficulties were the
against such negative influences,” he lecturers were invited to take part at themes of discussion at the three-day
added. the conference,” he stated. conference.
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