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6 I LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS Passion Islam I December 2009
UK says it opposes more illegal
Israeli houses in Jersualem
The British government has joined
the US and UN in opposing Israel’s
latest illegal settlement expansion
in the holy city of Quds (Jerusalem)
but remains unwilling to threaten any
“The Foreign Secretary has been
very clear that a credible deal involves
Jerusalem as a shared capital,” a
British Foreign Office spokesman
“Expanding settlements on
occupied land in East Jerusalem
makes that deal much harder. So this
decision is wrong and we oppose it,”
the spokesman said.
The criticism was directed at the
Israeli Interior Ministry announcing
approval to build 900 homes for the
the Middle East,” Kinnock told MPs. must expect.”
expansion of its illegal settlement of
A television documentary screened The leaflet, published by
Gilo in east Jerusalem.
by Channel Four exposed the extent of, traced Britain being
Foreign Office Minister Baroness
the influence of the pro-Israel lobby in brought into line with the pro-Israeli
Kinnock confirmed that the British
Britain in both the country’s two main American position to the election of
government remained opposed to
political parties and in the media. the country’s Labour government
attempts, led by trade unions and pro-
An accompanying pamphlet called under former prime minister Tony
Palestinian organisations, to isolate
for Britain’s political system to be Blair in 1997.
the Israeli regime until it complies with
more open, including about sources Responding to the latest illegal
international law.
of funding and said the foreign and expansion, White House spokesman
“Isolation of Israel would advance
internal policy of Israel should not be Robert Gibbs simply said the US
neither Britain’s influence nor, most
“exempt from the same kind of probing government was “dismayed” by the
important, the prospects of peace in criticism that any independent state decision.
Racist yobs vandalise Muslim graves
racially motivated because only Muslim from Chorlton, said: “People who do
graves were targeted. The vandalism this want to create an atmosphere of
is thought to have happened sometime fear and hatred but they are not going
between Friday, November 20 and to succeed. The vast majority of people
Monday, November 23. want to be part of a community where
Council staff have repaired the people are free to worship as they
graves which had been pushed over choose in peace.”
and damaged for a third time after Police are now appealing to anyone
similar attacks in September and earlier who has information to come forward.
this month. Detective chief inspector Steve
Mustafa Graf, an imam at Manchester Eckersley said: “It is an absolute
Islamic Centre said: “It is disgusting disgrace that whoever is responsible
and disgraceful, not because they are thinks it acceptable to repeatedly target
Muslim graves, everybody’s grave the graves of loved ones. This sort of
should be respected. They should be mindless, racist behaviour must be
left to rest in peace.” utterly condemned, we are doing all we
A community has hit out after Muslim
The vandalism has also been can to catch the culprits.
graves were vandalised for the third
condemned by an anti-fascist group and “We have increased our patrols in
times in three months.
religious leaders in south Manchester, the cemetery and surrounding area
More than 20 gravestones were
Manchester Unite Against Fascism’s and I ask people using the cemetery
Mark Krantz said: “This is part of a to be vigilant and report anyone
pushed over in the latest attack at
pattern of attacks on Muslim graves causing damage to the graves or acting
Southern Cemetery, which police are
intended to hurt the living and spread suspiciously.
treating as a hate crime.
division through our community.” Call police on 0161 856 6151 or
Officers say they believe the crime is
Sue Rowe, a Methodist minister Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111
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