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2 I LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS Passion Islam I December 2009
the Passion - By Majed Iqbal
The Iraq Chilcot “Enquiry”
Iraq yesterday- Today Pakistan
After the episodes of The Hutton prospect of “regime change” in Iraq Threats have been coming
inquiry, charged with investigating in late 2001 - more than a year before from international powers thick and
the death of Dr David Kelly followed the invasion. fast with increased pressure being
by the Butler inquiry, an investigation Statements began rolling in to justify, placed on the Pakistani government
into whether Tony Blair deliberately by any means necessary, with any who has committed 100% to the
misled Britain over the claim semblance of a far fetched truth American endorsed War on Terror,
that Saddam Hussein could use heard through Chinese whispers, an yet this seems not to be enough.
weapons of mass destruction within invasion of Iraq. Even Musharraf’s unstinting support
45 minutes, we now have the Chilcot As the Chilcot Enquiry tries to un- in 2001 to America’s efforts in
enquiry tasked with investigating the earth the truths and facts upon which Afghanistan by sacrificing Pakistani
validity of Britain’s involvement in the Britain rested its evidence to invade airspace, logistical support and army
Iraq war since 2003. Iraq, we now have a similar build up efforts held no value in America’s
Years into the Iraq war, both to another “undeclared” war being eyes who readily replaced him with
time and evidence has proven that deliberated and commented upon by Zardari, on whom corruption charges
the sexed up dossier by the British British and American leaders. still reign.
Government was full of lies and The Af-Pak region which has Will the tabloid styled headlines
deceit sold to the public. been dubbed as the centre spot for echoed by the British and American
Arguments kept on changing from all international terrorism has been Government find any ears this time?
Iraq’s link to Al-Qaeda to Saddam’s the centre of focus in the last year. In Will the public be duped into a phony
45 minute missile range threat to a similar build up to the Iraq war, lies war, once again to be misled by their
western capitals. Or Iraq’s stockpiling and spin have been used already government with arguments which
of weapons of mass destruction to to create a mood for intervention in will change like the weather to justify
organization of terrorist cells and Pakistan specifically. their stances?
groups and from Blair’s duty to Media and Political spin clichés The Chilcot enquiry is powerless
eradicate threats to Britain to serving have included “militants taking over and will be unable to prosecute
a moral duty for the people of Iraq by Islamabad”, “Pakistan’s nuclear anybody for their involvement in
removing ‘their’ tyrant ruler. Arsenal unsafe”, “Weak democracy”, international crimes even if this
The rhetoric was clear from “Pakistan-hub of Terrorism” and proven with hard evidence.
the start. No matter what, Iraq was many more manipulated facts lip It was Iraq yesterday. Will it be
going to be invaded. British officials synched by British Politicians and Pakistan tomorrow followed by
had already privately discussed the American Senators. another spineless “enquiry”?
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