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24 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I December 2009
A Comparative
Study of
Part Two
As industrial processes herd together “Capitalistic Imperialism.” each person would be motivated
large masses of workers in one town, International monopoly combines to work with his full capacity and to
the proletariat is in a much better of capitalists are formed which divide consume from the common product
position to form combinations against up the world. merely in accord with his own needs.
the bourgeois and can club together The imperialist powers, fighting The change cannot take place
in order to keep up the rate of wages. among themselves for the right to by peaceful evolution. Economic
The proletariat is also benefited by share in this monopoly, struggle for fight must turn into a political fight.
increased means of communication. markets and for profitable investment The bourgeois State shall not give
The State is an agency of oppression of ‘Finance Capital.’ The world will in without a bitter fight. According
controlled by the bourgeoisie to become ‘one bloody lump’ of the to Marx and Engels, force is not an
advance its own interests. A well- belligerent group of capitalists, the absolute evil; it is the midwife of every
organised society that has eradicated slave-drivers of a capitalist slavery. old society which is pregnant with the
the distinction of classes can exist in The contradictions created by new. Immense moral and spiritual
the absence of the State. All political capitalist production will play upon the impetus results from every victorious
power is only the organised power of world instead of a nation. revolution.
one class for oppressing another and The proletariat must prepare itself The change from capitalism to
as Communism advances the State to seize power at the collapse of the Communism is dialectically inevitable
shall wither. capitalist system which is inevitable but a violent revolution is an essential
In the capitalistic system, because of its internal contradictions. phase of that dialectic. In the
concentration and centralization of The proletariat shall have to seize transitional state, political power will
capital perpetuate and strengthen power, establish its own State to crush change places; the bourgeoisie will
themselves. In the internecine out all capitalist employers and their lose it, the proletariat shall acquire it
conflicts of the capitalists, the smaller class-ideology. and the ruled will become the rulers.
capitalists will be devoured by the In the first stage, the proletarian In the earlier phases, there shall be
bigger ones. Free competition among State shall be an engine of no universal democracy as formerly
capitalists will be gradually replaced by oppression against the capitalists democracy existed for the bourgeoisie
gigantic monopolies. “Finance Capital” but the proletarian State shall be only, now it will exist for the workers
reaching out beyond the boundaries of gradually liquidated when the era of only; exploiters and oppressors of
a single capitalistic country becomes full Communism is ushered in, when the people shall be excluded from
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