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20 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I December 2009
Abu Sufyan
ibn al-Harith
Abu Sufyan ibn al-Harith was the warned people about the danger of Quraysh fought against Prophet
cousin of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) continuing in their existing state of Mohamed (PBUH) and in all the
and during their childhood and youth disbelief, injustice and immorality, the torture and persecution they made
they were very close to each other, fire of envy and hatred erupted in the to the Muslims. He composed and
and they resembled each other a heart of Abu Sufyan. What was once recited verses attacking and vilifying
great deal. However, despite their a relation of love and brotherhood Prophet Mohamed (PBUH).
strong relationship, Abu Sufyan turned into a relation of resistance Abu Sufyan stayed like that
completely rejected to embrace Islam and opposition. for almost twenty years. His three
for so many years. At that time Abu Sufyan was one others brothers - Nawfal, Rabiah and
Abu Sufyan ibn al-Harith was born of the most promoted fighters and Abdullah, had all embraced Islam
about the same time as the blessed horsemen of the Quraysh tribe and except him.
Prophet Mohamed (PBUH), and also one of their best poets. However, in the eighth year after
he was also a foster-brother of the He used both his sword and the Hijrah, just before the Islamic
Prophet. tongue in the battle against Prophet liberation of Makkah, Abu Sufyan’s
When Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) Mohamed (PBUH) and his mission. position began to shift. He began to
made public his call for Islam and He participated in all the battles the reconsider his hostile position against
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