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14 I ORLD NEWSW Passion Islam I December 2009
First Quranic Cyber School
launched in Romania
The first online school offering courses learn Islamic teachings and Quranic the breakdown of Communism in the
on Islamic and Quranic sciences knowledge in their mother tongue. country in 1989.
came to existence in Romania using “Lack of an Islamic school where In a duration of two years, each of
‘How to Learn Islam’ as its motto. young people or converts can learn which split into 3 semesters, students
Speaking to al-Minar website, Islamic sciences through systematic complete courses on Islamic laws,
Karim Anchin, chairman of the Islamic methods moved us to establish the Quran recitation and memorization,
Association of Romania and a co- school,” Anchin said, adding that the the Quran and hadiths, Islamic
founder of the school said this is an plan to launch the school is the biggest Fiqh (jurisprudence), the prophetic
opportunity for Romanian youth to Islamic propagation campaign since traditions and Islamic culture.
Female Muslim student beaten
US Congressman
up in Germany for wearing hijab
Apologizes for
An Illinois congressman who
opposes the idea of moving
terrorism suspects to a prison in his
district issued a qualified apology
after a comment that critics viewed
as insulting to Islam.
In an interview with television
station WREX in Rockford, Ill.,
Republican Rep. Donald Manzullo
said of terrorism suspects: “These
are really, really mean people
whose job it is to kill people, driven
by some savage religion.” An aide
said Tuesday that Manzullo, who
opposes the possibility of housing
detainees from Guantanamo Bay,
Cuba, in the Thomson Correctional
Center in northwestern Illinois,
received about 20 complaints
about the remark. The Obama
administration has identified
A female Muslim student was attacked chance of parole for the gruesome hijab
Thomson as a possible site for the
and injured in the north central German killing of Egyptian national Marwa al-
city of Goettingen by a group of men for Sherbini. Alex Wiens was convicted of
wearing hijab, Germany’s press agency murder, attempted murder and inflicting In a statement, Manzullo said
DPA reported. dangerous bodily harm for the July slaying
he was not referring generally to
The 24-year-old unidentified victim was of 31-year-old Marwa al-Sherbini.
assaulted by four men near the campus The pregnant victim was killed while
Islam, but to terrorists who practice
of Goettingen University on Saturday, testifying against Wiens in court on July
a violent, anti-modern version of
Goettingen’s police chief Thomas Rath 1st. Islam. He said Islam is a “religion of
was quoted saying. Her assailant was initially convicted
peace” and that the vast majority of
The attackers hurled anti-foreigner of defamation for having yelled racial
slurs at her and pushed the victim to the slogans at her. Wiens had smuggled
its adherents are “men and women
ground where they kicked her body. The an 18-centimeter kitchen knife into the
of goodwill.”
female Muslim woman who is a medical courtroom and stabbed al-Sherbini
He added: “Nevertheless, I
student, suffered cuts and bruises as a repeatedly in front of her husband and her
result of the attack. three-year-old son.
apologize for any misunderstanding
It was unclear whether the assailants were Her husband, Elwy Ali Okaz, was also
of my comments and I will endeavor
neo-Nazis. stabbed when he tried to intervene, and in the future to clarify my remarks
The victim was on her way from the was critically wounded when accidentally
to make it absolutely clear that
university library to her car when the shot in the leg by a security guard who
vicious attack took place. The latest anti- mistook him for the attacker. The hate
America is not opposed to Islam,
Muslim attack comes only one week after crime sent shock waves across the Islamic
but that we are fighting terrorists
a court in the city of Dresden sentenced world, particularly in Egypt and Iran, and
who believe in a savage, perverted,
a 28-year old German neo-Nazi man in Germany’s 4.3 million-strong Muslim
and violent form of Islam.”
of Russian origin to life in jail without a community.
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