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died Friday, January 4, 2008, at Culpeper Research Society, and American Personnel
Regional Hospital at the age of 91. and Guidance Association. His civic and
In 1980, Dailey retired from the patriotic memberships included Sons of the
Federal Aviation Administration as chief American Revolution, Sons of Confederate
of the Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences Veterans, Texas State University Alumni
Division. There, he was active in the devel- Association, Culpeper Country Club,
opment of anti-hijack programs, as well as Culpeper Regional Hospital Foundation,
selection, management, and training pro- Jamestown Society, Americans of Royal
grams for air traffic controllers, inspectors, Descent, and Descendants of Most Noble
and other FAA personnel. For this work, Order of the Garter.
he received awards from the agency, the He is survived by his wife, the former
(from left) Mangala Prasad Singh’s wife, Savitri; Air Safety Foundation, and the Air Traffic Helen Bass, to whom he was married in
Chief Statistician Ivan Fellegi; Singh’s daughter,
Controllers Association. He also was des- 1937; a daughter, Victoria Ann Dailey of
Mamta; and Singh’s grandson, Dylan
ignated as a Distinguished Alumnus by Alexandria, Virginia; a brother, Benjamin P.
Southwest Texas State University in 1975. Dailey of New York City; and several nieces
directed the methodology of the LFS
After 12 years as a public school teacher, and nephews.
through redesigns in the 1970s, 1980s,
administrator, coach, and personnel research
1990s, and early 21st century.
psychologist, he received a doctor of phi-
For 30 years, Singh was editor-in-
losophy degree in educational psychology
chief of Statistics Canada’s journal, Survey
from The University of Texas in 1949
Methodology, guiding its evolution into one
and became director of personnel research
Paul Dixon Minton
of the pre-eminent journals of its kind. He
for the Air Force in San Antonio, Texas.
authored more than 40 papers in interna-
He served in the Air Force as a major in
Submitted by Dwight B. Brock, Westat
tional journals, co-edited two books pub-
World War II.
lished by Wiley and Sons, and organized
Dailey was active as a consultant with
Paul Dixon Minton died July 10, 2007,
sessions and presented papers at numer-
a number of organizations, including
of lymphoma at the Roanoke United
ous statistical conferences. He served on
the Educational Testing Service, which is
Methodist Home in Roanoke, Virginia.
various committees and task forces of the
responsible for the College Board exami-
He was born in Dallas, Texas, August
Statistical Society of Canada, International
nations. In 1966, President Lyndon B.
4, 1918, the third of four sons in the
Statistical Institute, and American
Johnson appointed him to his advisory com-
family of William M. and Addie Evelyn
Statistical Association. He was elected to
mittee on mental retardation. From 1965 to
Croft Minton.
the International Statistical Institute in
1990, he also was president of the Allington
Having grown up in the economically
1975, and, in 1988, he became a Fellow of
Corporation and publisher of psychological
difficult times of the Great Depression,
the American Statistical Association.
and educational tests and training materials.
he was able to attend college only because
Chief Statistician Ivan Fellegi present-
For his work on developing the [hijacker]
he received an “emergency scholarship”
ed the award to Singh’s wife, Savitri; his
profile, Dailey received the highest cash
to attend Southern Methodist University.
daughter, Mamta; and his grandson, Dylan,
award of $3,000 from the FAA. In 1972,
The local university was experiencing its
remarking that “It is M. P.’s influence on an
the Flight Safety Foundation gave him its
own economic difficulties, struggling to fill
entire generation of statisticians that may
prestigious Admiral Luis De Florez Award,
classes, and decided to offer such scholar-
be his greatest legacy. He was a mentor, a
along with a $500 honorarium. In 1975,
ships to young Dallasites who had done
coach, a patriarch, and a friend to all who
Texas State University in San Marcos named
well in high school, were recommended by
knew him. He inspired others to give their
him Distinguished Alumnus. In 2004, he
their principals, and could not otherwise
best, and they did. He was always ready
was inducted into the Texas State University
afford to attend college.
with a laugh, a smile, and a friendly word
Forensic Society’s Hall of Fame.
Minton earned a bachelor’s and master’s
of encouragement. He dedicated his life to
Dailey was born in San Marcos, Texas,
degree from SMU, a school to which he
the profession of statistics, and it is through
in 1916, the son of Benjamin Peter
would return later to found and direct a
those whom he touched that his true con-
Dailey and Clementine Waldo Dailey.
department of statistics. His studies were
tribution is measured.”
He attended the same school as President
interrupted by World War II, during
Johnson. After retiring, he lived at his
which time he worked as a cryptanalyst for
home, “Beaufort,” in Culpeper County,
the FBI. Following the war, he returned
Obi tuary
Virginia, and was a member of St. Stephen’s
to Dallas as an instructor and graduate
Episcopal Church in Culpeper. His profes-
student at SMU in the Department of
John T. Dailey
sional society memberships included the
Mathematics. It was at that point Minton
American Educational Research Association,
was introduced to probability and statis-
Published in The Culpeper StarExponent American Psychological Association,
tics by Edwin Mouzon, who had himself
American Association for the Advancement
written a dissertation on statistics at the
John T. Dailey, a behavioral scientist, of Science, American Statistical Association,
University of Illinois. After completing
who, in 1969, developed a behavioral pro- Psychometric Society, American Association
his master’s degree, Minton was encour-
file to detect potential aircraft hijackers, of School Administrators, Operations
aged by Mouzon to continue his graduate
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