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EXCLUSIVE FEATURE Web Cleaning & Static Control

Meech continues to tackle static control with new Hyperion bar

Here, Iain Cameron from Meech International talks about the recent introductions across the company’s electrostatic control and web cleaning ranges and the benefits for converters and packaging manufacturers

Meech International is one of the leading developers of electrostatic, contamination control and energy efficient

systems. Based in the UK, the company has a strong presence in the worldwide market, catering to the converting, packaging and printing industries, among many others. Launched earlier this year, and exhibited for the first time at Labelexpo Europe from the end of September, was Meech’s new Hyperion static control bar – the 924IPS (seen below). A compact, short-range pulsed DC ionising bar suitable for use in a variety of sectors, including print, packaging and labelling, it is said to be the most compact pulsed DC bar available on the market. The system employs the same four-pin M8 connector and shockless titanium emitter pins as other Hyperion bars, while also having an IP rating of 66, making it suitable for use in harsh environments. Speaking to Converter, Iain Cameron, marketing director at Meech International, says that while it is still relatively early days, as the product has only been on the market for a few months, the sales generated so far have exceeded expectations.

“The initial customer feedback has been very positive,” he says. “We’ve taken particular notice of the massive demand for modern DC equipment to replace older AC equipment. Also, the inclusion of Meech

technology already incorporated onto previous bars has been received well. For example, the 924IPS uses Meech Ion Current monitoring (ICM) technology, which gives users constant feedback on the condition of the bar and allows them to maintain performance. “The combination of the modern 24-volt DC powered ionisation and the very compact dimensions of the 924IPS is unique to Meech and provides a real alternative to traditional AC ionisers for close range applications. In addition to sales already made, we have on- going test installations at major OEM’s who can see the benefit of the new technology. “We are very excited about the prospect of working with these international OEMs and end users, which will hopefully aid any future product development.”

Expanding the product range Speaking of which, Meech is now focussing on introducing new products to bring value to the Hyperion range, which could include bars, blowers and power units, and even a distance sensor or feedback system. “We can’t say too much about future developments, but it’s safe to say we are not resting on our laurels,” continues Cameron. “We are also looking at how industrial static control is actually used and then developing new products to complement this. This could be anything from how the bars are monitored and maintained to how and where they are positioned.” Also displayed for the first time at Labelexpo were Meech’s new 906 and 907 high voltage power supply units (seen above) to support the Hyperion equipment range. They are designed for an input voltage of 24V DC and provide up to 7kV AC to drive Meech AC ionising equipment. Compatibility with the Hyperion BarMaster

Programmer allows the output voltage to be adjusted, so that a single 906 unit can cover multiple static control applications. Balance adjustment is also a feature, enabling +/- 500V adjustment on the system, allowing the removal of natural voltage bias. The 907 is a version of the same unit, but with some additional features such as spark detection and performance monitoring options; a ‘clean pin’ alert will flash red when the attached bars require cleaning, whereas it will glow solid green whenever the power unit is on and performing to expectation. Elsewhere, Meech is also working on further developments to its core range of web cleaning technologies in line with the changing demands of the market and in order to target as many types of application as possible, whether it is contact or non- contact cleaning. “One recent example of this is the Meech AHUv3, which provides positive and vacuum pressure airflows and houses the system filters,” explains Cameron. “It’s an integral component of the CyClean, VacClean and ShearClean Systems. “The AHUv3 has just undergone a

redesign that has not only integrated a full touch screen display, but has allowed us to supply both standard and compact models.”

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