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The benefits of alternative water-based silicone coating

Dow Corning, one of the global leaders in silicones and silicon- based coating technology, introduced at the Labelexpo

Europe 2015 exhibition its new Syl-Off EM 7945 Coating, the company’s new water-based silicone emulsion developed for off- line coating of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films. Syl-Off EM 7945 is a more sustainable and safer alternative to solvent-based release coatings, which it can replace without incurring additional costs. The new

emulsion is said to also deliver higher performance opposed to traditional release coatings, including faster cure, superior anchorage and lower release force. This advanced new technology, which complements Dow Corning’s expanding family of high-performance coatings, is ideally suited for clear-on-clear labelling and electronics applications. “Dow Corning’s leadership in release coatings is based on our proven ability to proactively give our customers the innovative material technologies they need to compete and succeed in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace,” says Kris Verschueren, global market segment leader, packaging, Dow Corning. “Our new Syl-Off EM 7945 Coating is the latest example of our commitment to staying ahead of changing customer requirements.” The sustainability and safety of Syl-Off EM 7945 Coating makes it an attractive choice for customers seeking to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing. It is a water-based coating, meaning the new emulsion is safer and easier to handle and apply during the logistic and coating processes. As well as avoiding or minimising volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with its solvent-free formula, Syl- Off EM 7945 Coating offers the possibility to use very thin coat weights for cost- effectiveness and enhanced sustainability. Its suitability as a release coating for PET substrates makes it one of the leading candidates for clear-on-clear labelling for food, cosmetic and beverage applications. Compared to other emulsion release coatings, Syl-Off EM 7945 Coating combines good anchorage and fast cure while

18 November 2015

producing less rainbow. It is also easily used with a wide range of coating techniques, including direct and offset gravure and Rod/Meyer bar. Importantly, it can replace other solvent-based systems without the costs associated with switching suppliers. Dow Corning presented its water-based silicone emulsion at Labelexpo alongside its Syl-Off EM 7934 and Syl-Off EM 7935 Coatings for filmic liners, and the Dow Corning Syl-Off Advantage Series of solventless release coatings (including new Syl-Off SL 411 Coating) for bulk roll labels. Demands to reduce material waste and support sustainability through weight reduction are driving greater use of filmic materials for release liners and facestocks. Although strong, flexible PET and other films offer the opportunity for significant downgauging opposed to paper, they require specialised release coatings. The Syl- Off EM 7934 Coating offers anchorage for off-line and in-line coating during film manufacturing, while Syl-Off EM 7935 Coating is specially engineered for the in- line production of polyester film substrates. Facing continued high prices and volatility of platinum supplies worldwide, manufacturers are searching for ways to minimise dependence on this solventless release coating catalyst – without impacting performance. New Syl-Off SL 411 Coating is optimised for low platinum levels while providing high-speed performance for roll label manufacturing. It offers fast curing and stable release performance, making it suitable for pressure-sensitive label stock, food packaging and industrial release papers.

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Bringing laminating and UV coating facilities in-house

By providing greater control and flexibility in meeting deadlines, as well as improved cost efficiencies, more and more

companies are being encouraged to bring laminating and coating/varnishing facilities in-house. Meeting the requirements of these ‘newcomers’, as well as for established finishing departments, is laminating and UV coating/spot varnishing machine specialist, Komfi, catering for all experience levels through suppliers Friedheim International. In the past year Komfi has announced a series of updates and enhancements to the models in its range in order to provide additional features and benefits. Models in the range include the Junior 36 laminating roll that is perfect for ‘start-up’ users; the Amiga 36/Amiga 52/Amiga 76 laminator series is driven by user-friendly easy operation and short preparation times; the Delta 52 (seen below) and Delta 76 laminating machines are designed to process demanding orders, and is ideal for medium class industrial lamination and eminently suitable for 24/7 applications.

Also, Sagitta 52/Sagitta 76 laminators are

high efficiency, high speed machines, designed for the processing of high-volume orders, especially those using offset print; and the Sirius 107 (seen below) and the Sirius 130 laminators are customised solutions for the processing of high-volume orders up to B0+ sheet size.

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