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Although several types of discharging systems are available, the most common are the AC static bars and ionisers that offer efficient neutralisation at a reasonable cost. This operating system is self-balancing and highly advantageous where variable electrostatic fields are produced. These modern AC systems are ‘shockless’ as there is virtually no hazard if one touches the ionising electrodes; this is because they are protected by high-value resistors in the circuit that minimise the voltage as soon as the electrode tips are touched. On the other hand, the cheaper so-called ‘hot’ static bars have no such protection and are highly dangerous to touch.

The key to success There are four simple steps to neutralise unwanted electrostatic energy, Dawson says: Assess and measure the electrostatic fields concerned; design a system to meet the specific needs of the process; install the system in the optimum location; and maintain the system regularly. The simplest method of accomplishing these steps successfully is to call on a static

specialist such as Arrowquint, which will complete all four steps quickly and effectively with minimal disruption to production. However, while most of the problems resulting from electrostatic energy in the converting field have a known solution, there are still a large number of poor quality systems in use in the UK that are often badly installed and maintained. Lack of maintenance, especially cleaning, can lead to dirty static discharging bars and a reduction in their efficiency by up to 60 per cent. Similarly, damaged or abused high voltage cables can cause premature failure of the system. Arrowquint carries out comprehensive on-site static surveys, consulting both machine operators and senior production staff as to the nature of any perceived static- related problems. The company will then provide suitable discharging equipment on trial and will also lend equipment to overcome production hold-ups pending delivery of newly ordered machinery. Its

Static pinning used to lock melamine sheets together

products all meet a wide range of European standards to satisfy the demands of modern high speed machinery.

Above all, concludes Dawson, beware of cheap or complex static control equipment. It usually has a short life span. Also, electrostatic discharging equipment failures may have secondary effects on your equipment, personnel or production levels.

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New web cleaner boasts impressive consumable analysis

After four eventful days at the Labelexpo show in Brussels, the management of Erhardt+Leimer looks back on it as a success. Based on the number of visitors to the E+L booth, this year’s Labelexpo was even more successful than the last show two years ago. The new ELCLEAN contact web cleaner was one of the trade show highlights at the E+L booth. According to Dirk Schröder, sales division manager at E+L, visitors were particularly impressed by the long-term consumable analysis: “Customers are highly aware that the real costs of web cleaning are not incurred when buying the device, but in ongoing operations, when the consumables and spare parts have to be re-ordered.” Schröder believes that E+L has an advantage: “In the long-term, our devices are far less expensive than other providers.” ELCLEAN versions are available both for one-sided and double-sided web cleaning. The device stands out with a particularly space-saving opening mechanism: instead of

24 November 2015

the otherwise standard folding mechanism, a drawer system allows an adhesive layer to be pulled off quickly and easily from the adhesive roller and the adhesive or rubber roller to be exchanged very easily – and this with significantly lower space demands than conventional systems.

As well as this, all maintenance of the unit is completely safe for the operator. No tools are needed for the replacement of rollers, and only one button is required for operation of the unit. ELCLEAN removes dust particles from a size of one micrometre. Based in the area of Augsburg, Germany,

Erhardt+Leimer has almost 40 years of experience in providing system solutions and process control equipment to the converting and packaging industries. Its range of web guiding, web tension control and vision systems provide the technology and the flexibility to serve all requirements for standard and custom applications.

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