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FEATURE Coating & Laminating New UK test facility helps to

develop hot melt coating market Universal Converting Equipment has invested in new hot melt adhesive coating technology at its sister company in the UK which allows complete customer trialling of various substrates using many different coating techniques

Universal Converting

Equipment has supplied a new CL350 hot melt adhesive

coater/laminator to its sister company, Universal Adhesive Systems. This investment in the latest technology strengthens the position of the two companies in both converting machinery and adhesive application technologies. The new CL350 coater is available for customer trials at the Universal Adhesive Systems facility in Daventry, UK. The machine has been built with a focus on flexibility, and despite its small footprint, it is capable of multiple coating types, including slot die proximity coating, CrossCoat curtain coating, high speed intermittent, spiral, spray and Dynafiber coating techniques. In addition to the different coating types customers can trial on the CL350, the machine has been developed to handle a wide range of substrates including films, paper and nonwovens. The CL350 can operate at production speeds, so by running coating trials at the test facility in Daventry customers can prove hot melt applications will work in their own live production environments. The machine has proved popular with companies wanting to streamline and improve their current hot melt adhesive applications.

The automatic coating station on the CL350 was designed and built in Ipswich by Universal Converting Equipment. Drawing on its expertise in control systems, the CL350

is accurate and simple to use; adjustments on the coating station are made via a touchscreen and actioned by precision motors. The constant gap winding system ensures the best quality finished rolls are produced. Commenting on the investment, Alan Jones, managing director of Universal Converting Equipment, says: “Universal Converting Equipment has grown rapidly in the last three years - mainly driven by the introduction of our high productivity Universal X6 slitter rewinder. However, hot melt coating and laminating is an important and growing sector for us with machines being supplied on a worldwide basis. We are able to combine the high-speed web handling and tension control systems developed for our slitters with the coating expertise of our sister company, Universal Adhesive Systems, to provide a complete package for our customers. The test facility at Daventry gives customers, who may have little or no experience of this technology, the chance to test different materials, adhesive and coating techniques, so they can prove their product prior to investing in a machine. “The close relationship with ITW Dynatec

ensures we have the best hot melt feed systems and worldwide support. With both our slitting machines and coating machines, we believe that being able to provide on-

going support for our customers is vital to ensure they are satisfied and come back with future orders. The use of Internet-based remote diagnostic systems, high quality components and our dedicated support team ensure this support is available.” The Universal CL350 is part of a wide range of coating, converting and slitting machines designed and built by Universal Converting Equipment. As with all machines produced by the company, the emphasis is on productivity, reliability and ease of use. All Universal coating machines have a touchscreen operator interface and a drive and control system that can be connected to a secure Internet connection for diagnostics. The hot melt coating systems are tailored to the specific requirements of each customer’s production line. Universal Adhesive Systems is the exclusive UK distributor for ITW Dynatec. One of the leading global suppliers of technical adhesive supplies and coating equipment for the converting and non- woven industries, the company has its own team of engineers and coating experts to provide systems and support for coating, laminating, print finishing, packaging and other applications.

T: +44 (0)1473 403333

12 November 2015

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