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FEATURE Web Cleaning & Static Control Award-winning solutions from an

ever-improving specialist provider From the south-west of England, Fraser Anti-Static Techniques manufactures static control and web cleaning equipment for customers worldwide, and the company is taking this opportunity to share its expertise about the way it does business

world-leading manufacturing facility in the UK, and it has maintained its commitment to high standards and affordable solutions. Fraser is still only beginning this journey and would like to share insights into its progress. As the company works to improve on all the existing benchmarks of its development plans, Fraser hopes that the learnings, efficiencies and standards it implements will help customers and partners alike to learn, improve and grow.

Impressive results

It doesn’t matter what type of business you operate, or which industry you work in, there are some fundamental benchmarks which can define a good company. If you are in the manufacturing space then those qualities can be outlined as: quality, value and delivery. Any business in a competitive market needs to deliver quality, cost-effective products or services. It should also be apparent that these are only part of the equation; if a business does not asses the operational and process areas, and identify, plan and improve, then they are not servicing their customers, suppliers or partners to the best of their ability and the value they provide is diminished. It just so happens that Fraser Anti-Static

Techniques manufactures static control equipment and here, the company shares its progress on its journey from being a good

26 November 2015

company in this very niche market, to what it hopes will be a truly great organisation and what the implications of that are for its customers, products and partners.

Focussing on quality The team at Fraser are regularly told by partners, customers and suppliers that “working with you has helped to improve our business”. Whether it is through its focus on quality, its continuing assessment of every aspect of the business or simply the teamwork used to approach every challenge. Fraser has come to realise that a business is much more than its product and even its people; a great organisation is about culture, ownership, shared vision and accountability. To that end, Fraser has embraced continuous improvement; it has been recognised by the 2015 Queens Awards, it has put together a five year plan that incorporates a truly

The following communication is one of many the company received since embarking on the growth and continuous improvement journey, which highlights that the ongoing efforts are not going unnoticed: “I thought a separate note appropriate to let your production team know how blown away I was by the improvements they have implemented during the last few months. I am fortunate to have been able to see the evolutionary process that has taken place and have noticed the step changes they have delivered but I must admit I didn’t expect to see such impressive results so quickly. “I have visited plenty of manufacturing facilities during my time (and have been responsible for a few too) and for me it is rare that you see something that is impressive on the surface but also obviously functioning so well in reality. When you do, it is the people involved that have made the difference through their understanding, buy-in and sheer hard work,” comments Adrian Sewell, managing director of Direct Assembly Solutions. Fraser’s company development plan continues into next year and the company hopes to report on its exciting updates about the methods it implements in regard to addressing and improving quality, value and delivery. In the meantime, it is urging businesses to consider what they might learn from their customers or suppliers and perhaps show them how working together has improved their business.

T: +44 (0)1398 331114

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