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FEATURE Coating & Laminating

Swiss precision for Chinese paper

One of China's leading specialist paper manufacturers, the Guangdong Guan Hao Hi-tech Company, has purchased a

combined coating and laminating line with maximum web width of 1,670mm from WIFAG-Polytype Technologies, based in Switzerland, for installation in its new production centre in Pinghu, Zhejiang Province, near Shanghai. The machine will start production in 2016.

Since the company's inception in 1993, Guangdong Guan Hao High-tech has relied on European machinery and paper ordered from Germany and Switzerland. But this is the first time a machine from WIFAG- Polytype has been chosen by the company. Guangdong Guan Hao produces in the Zhanjiang Economic and Technical Development Zone, a special economic zone in the vicinity of one of the largest Chinese

ports north of Hainan Island. The integrated operation produces the raw paper on two paper machines and the processing incorporates 10 coating lines. The product portfolio of the company and its subsidiaries includes speciality papers, such as non-carbon papers, thermal, carbonless or security papers against piracy.

New opportunities The 75-metre-long new coating and laminating line is around eight metres wide, 6.7 metres high and consists of proven machine components from WIFAG- Polytype. The precision complex comprises 50-metre-long drying sections and is designed for a production speed of up to 600 m/min, while the maximum web width is 1,670mm and 1,650mm coating width. The machine is highly flexible and can be operated in its entirety as an integrated

production line for self-adhesive labelling films. However, it can be shared thanks to its unwinding ability in two parallel sections – a high-speed siliconising machine on the one hand and a coating and laminating on the other. This allows a large number of production steps that can run independently. The shaftless winding stations can accept

rolls up to 1,300mm in diameter and weighing 2.5 tons. Two trolley-based and easily interchangeable coating modules are included – a roll applicator and a chambered doctor blade system. In addition, a flexo unit enables the printing of label carrier papers. Better adhesion by corona pre-treatment and powerful cooling and remoistening systems allow production of label paper and coated speciality papers. The start of the installation of this new

production line is scheduled for the beginning of next year and the building that will house it is already under construction. By the first half of 2016, Guangdong Guan Hao will begin production on its new WIFAG-Polytype high speed label paper coating and lamination line.

November 2015


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