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Protein Transfer Transfer Buffers

Efficient™ Western Transfer Buffer For increased protein transfer efficiency

A ready-to-use 20X transfer buffer is prepared for optimal conductivity and efficient protein transfer without generating excessive heat or transfer distortion. Efficient™ Western Transfer Buffer achieves greater protein transfer compared to our leading competitors.


• 20X concentrated buffer • Higher transfer efficiency • Reduced heat production • Reduced transfer distortion


Untransferred Protein Total

Competitor Transfer Buffer Efficient™ Membrane Stains

Swift™ Membrane Stain 30 second, reversible & sensitive membrane stain

A unique, proprietary, reversible, ready-to-use membrane stain for proteins on nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes. Swift™ Membrane Stain stains proteins faster and with 500X more sensitivity than the routinely used Ponceau-S stain. The lower detection limit is ~0.5ng protein (BSA)/band on nitrocellulose membrane.

Swift Membrane Stain™ can be completely removed from the membrane in <1 minute without affecting the biological or immunological properties of the immobilized proteins. This offers an advantage over Coomassie based stains as these are irreversible and interfere with Western blotting. Suitable for 20 blots (8 x 10cm).

30 Second Stain

30 Second Destain

Figure 3: A comparison of protein transfer efficiency between Efficient™ Western Transfer Buffer stained gel after transfer (lanes 5-6) and a leading competitor stained gel after transfer (lanes 3-4). The total protein, before transfer, is shown in lanes 1 and 2. The image shows the untransferred protein remaining in the gels. A high concentration of protein (75µg) was loaded to clearly show the difference in the transfer buffers.

PART NO. 786-019 786-019G


Efficient™ Western Transfer Buffer (20X) Efficient™ Western Transfer Buffer (20X)

High Molecular Weight

Transfer Buffer (5X) Based on Efficient™ Western Transfer Buffer, the High Molecular Weight Transfer buffer is designed to facilitate the transfer of notoriously difficult high molecular weight proteins (>70kDa) during Western blotting. Supplied as 1 litre of a 5X concentrated solution.

PART NO. 786-423

DESCRIPTION High Molecular Weight Transfer Buffer (5X)




Figure 4: A normal rat multiple tissue blot was probed with Swift™ Membrane Stain or Ponceau-S, using the procedure in “The Protein Protocols Handbook”1. In both instances the membranes were incubated with the respective stain for 30 seconds, rinsed in deionized water and destained as instructed for 30 seconds. Ponceau-S was successfully destained after >1 hour.


• Reversible stain for protein membranes • Compatible with nitrocellulose or PVDF

• 500X more sensitive than Ponceau-S (~0.5ng vs. 100ng BSA) • Outperforms routinely used Ponceau-S


• For visualization of proteins on membranes after Western transfer and dot-blot applications

• Offers simpler image capture PART NO.

786-677 DESCRIPTION SWIFT™ Membrane Stain SIZE 20 blots


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