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Protein Extraction & Lysis Cell / Tissue Lysis

Cell or tissue lysis, fractionation and sample preparation are crucial tools for the purification, analysis and identification of proteins and their functions or roles. Unfortunately, there is no single procedure or protocol for optimal protein sample preparation as the techniques used are dependent on numerous factors, including starting sample and downstream analysis techniques.

Astral Scientific offers a wide selection of protein extraction and lysis buffer systems. The range includes products that maintain biological activity of proteins (PE LB™ systems), strong chaotropic extraction buffers that are 2D compatible (2D-Xtract™, FOCUS™ Extraction Buffers) and extraction systems for total proteomes (FOCUS™ Proteome kits).

Common lysis buffers (RIPA), extraction tools (grinding resins), enzymes (lysozyme and Zymolyase® inhibitors and other extraction accessories are also offered.

Protein Extraction & Lysis Buffer (PE LB™

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Alkaline Phosphatase Carbonic Anhydrase

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Our Protein Extraction & Lysis Buffer (PE LB™) systems ensure good protein recovery, while maintaining the biological activity of the proteins. The solubilized proteins are suitable for enzyme assays, electrophoresis, folding studies, chromatographic studies and many other downstream applications.


The PE LB™ systems are based on a proprietary combination of organic buffering agents, mild non-ionic detergents, and a combination of various salts to enhance extraction of proteins and maintain stability of biological activities of the proteins.

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Figure 1: PE LB™ System maintains the biological activity of proteins. Extraction of carbonic anhydrase or alkaline phosphatase from E.coli, human cells, yeast and mouse pancreas with Bacterial, Mammalian Cell, Yeast and Tissue PE LB™ respectively. The resulting lysates were submitted to enzyme assays and both enzymes retain their biological activity.

Yeast PE LB™

Developed for the extraction of biologically active, soluble proteins from yeast cells. Yeast PE LB™ is a proprietary improvement on the lyticase (Zymolyase®

) based spheroplast preparation and

extraction of soluble proteins from yeast cell method. FEATURES

• Eliminates the need for glass bead lysis • Supplied as a kit, containing Zymolyase®


• Lysis and extraction of proteins from yeast cells • Isolation of spheroplasts

PART NO. 786-178 786-179


Kit including Zymolyase® buffer only


100 preps 500ml

Mammalian Cell PE LB™

Mammalian Cell PE LB™ has been developed for extraction of total biologically active, soluble proteins from mammalian cultured cells. FEATURES

• Compatible with most enzyme assays including reporter gene assays (ß-galactosidase, luciferase, chloramphenicol acetyltransferase), kinases (protein kinase C, protein kinase A, tyrosine kinase) & immunoassays (ELISA, Western blots, RIA)


• For extraction of soluble proteins from adherent and suspension animal cultured cells

• Suitable for most applications including enzyme and protein purification applications, electrophoresis, Western blotting and 2D-gel analysis

PART NO. 786-180


The PE LB™ systems are compatible with most downstream applications including enzyme assays, running various chromatographic applications, gel electrophoresis applications, and protein folding procedures.


Astral Scientific Product Guide August 2015

Carbonic Anhydrase Activity (units/ml)

Alkaline Phosphatase Activity (units/ml)

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