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For rapid and sensitive ECL detection in Western Blotting

Highest Sensitivity for Low Abundance Targets

• Ideal for detecting low-abundance protein down to attomolar level sensitivity • Quantitative with broad dynamic range • Highest signal-to-noise ratio

• Stable signal lasts hours--enables repeated exposures • Versatile imaging with fluorescence-based imagers, CCD cameras, and x-ray film

AMRESCO’s VisiGlo™ Select HRP Chemiluminescent Substrate Kit combines a broad linear dynamic range and attomolar sensitivity to enable quantitation of low-abundance targets labelled with horseradish peroxidase (HRP). The high sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio allow for target detection with minimal consumption of valuable protein and antibody reagents, thereby lowering experimental costs. Low-intensity signals undetectable with competing chemiluminescent substrates may be revealed as well, because background levels remain low even for lengthy exposure times. The signal generated by substrate incubation is stable for hours and may be captured by conventional x-ray film, CCD cameras, and fluorescence-based imaging systems.

Figure 9: VisiGlo™ Select provides a long-lasting chemiluminescent signal. A blot containing HRP bands was incubated 5 minutes with VisiGlo™ Select HRP Chemiluminescent Substrate and imaged at 0, 1 and 3 hours postsubstrate incubation using the same exposure settings. Significant chemiluminescent signal was retained even after 3 hours.


VisiGlo™ Select HRP Chemiluminescent Substrate Kit

Sufficient for 1,000 cm2 of membrane SIZE Kit

West Femto (Pierce). VisiGlo™ Select sensitivity was comparable to that of competing substrates, with detection of as little as 10 fg HRP.

Figure 8: VisiGlo™ Select performs well compared to competitor’s HRP substrate kits across a broad dynamic range. Sensitive HRP detection with VisiGlo™ Select HRP Chemiluminescent Substrate. Identical slot-blots with 10-fold serial dilutions of horseradish peroxidase (10 ng - 10 fg) were incubated separately in three chemiluminescent substrates for comparison; VisiGlo™ Select HRP Chemiluminescent Substrate Kit (AM1B1583, AMRESCO). Amersham™ ECL™ Select (GE) and SuperSignal®

Astral Scientific Product Guide August 2015


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