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Down the line Let’s hope that the e-learning industry is gearing up for a fascinating anniversary in 2016. Next year marks the 140th anniversary since the fi rst telephone call was made from Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant Thomas Watson. Now as our world is taken over by email, instant messenger, VoIP and picture messaging apps, the good old landline does seem to be positively Victorian.

And what were the fi rst words uttered down a telephone line in 1876? “Come here, I want to see you”. Thus starting a new chapter in the quest for ever more effective ways of connecting with each other.

Stunning location

Now that the new venue for the 2015 E-Learning Awards has been announced, Chalkface

immediately did the sensible thing and took the video tour offered by the website of the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London. Those attending the gala awards evening are in for a treat of fantastic views across the river to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and the set up for the gala dinner is equally breathtaking. Wednesday 25th November is going to be some night.

Cracking the puzzle

One of the things that has really puzzled economists over the last few years is UK productivity. Those clever chaps at the Bank of England have named it the Productivity Puzzle. No one really seems to know why but someone at the Offi ce for National Statistics (ONS) has been working really hard to work out that UK productivity decreased by 0.2% in the fi nal quarter of 2014, leaving output per hour worked little changed on the previous year and slightly lower than in 2007, before the UK’s longest and deepest modern recession. The Bank of England has done a fascinating bulletin on the issue but has missed out one crucial element. Chalkface reckons those organisations that use e-learning have much higher productivity than those who don’t. We’re just waiting for some statistical evidence to back us up.


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