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awards case study

contravene codes and polices of a much scrutinized industry. The big question is how to encourage competence not just compliant behaviour.

Born risky C

hannel 4 is an organisation that thrives on taking creative risks, a creativity that builds public engagement but can also

Channel 4 broadcasts how to push at broadcasting boundaries and remain compliant

What was the learning programme all about? Online learning offers a powerful tool with clear and consistent messages, and can provide effective learning management to meet audit requirements. Channel 4 and its partner Acteon Communication had the challenge of creating a learning experience that would engage Channel 4 employees and drive the behaviours that underpin reputation and viewer trust. The result was The Learning to Take Risks programme.

Specific targets for the project: n Ensure 90% of permanent staff have completed all aspects of the training by end December 2014.

n Demonstrate raised awareness of the Channel 4 Code of Conduct. Kathy Poole, head of People Services, Channel 4, said: “The Learning to Take Risks programme was very well received by staff across the business and it soon

Channel 4 harnessed the power of e-learning to capture its core values and use them to produce exemplary professional practice that still pushes the boundaries of broadcasting. This story shows how Channel 4 achieved this juggling act to win three prizes in the E-Learning Awards 2014; gold in Excellence in production of learning content – public sector; gold in Best use of e-learning to ensure compliance with external regulations or internal policies; silver in Best e-learning project – public sector.

got a reputation for making people stop and think in a good way – getting a critical mass of people to have completed the training and talk positively about their experience of it was key to the speedy up take across the business.

“The results were immediately measurable with

declarations on gifts and hospitality and conflict of interest going up. We keep completion rates high at 95% and ensure that all new joiners complete the training as a condition of passing their probation. This way we hope to maintain our reputation for creating ground breaking TV programmes and news coverage and avoid becoming the news.”

What contributed to the success of the programme? 1) Linking learning to individual aspiration To build engagement from learners, the ‘important but dull’ message of compliance and conduct was linked to the aspirational goals of taking risks and pushing boundaries. This was encapsulated in the name of the course ‘Learning to Take Risks’, which connected with the ‘Born Risky’ national campaign Channel 4 was running to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Woven throughout the learning is the key message that cutting edge broadcasting is built on a foundation of exemplary professional practice.


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