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partner of the project, had two existing videos of children explaining the impact on them of heckling and swearing by parents and other adults. These were incorporated within the module as powerful testimonials.

Realistic It was clear that scenarios were going to be important in the module given the subject matter, so questions were designed to be thought-provoking, vivid and realistic. It was also important to make the e-learning relevant to both coaches and parents. Branching was used to allow learners to take their own path so the scenarios presented to either audience were tailored to their role and needs.

Feedback The first people to try out the new e-learning were a group of 50 golf coaches who found the course both useful and relevant. It has already achieved a 4.75 rating out of 5.

“Ensuring all children have a safe and fun experience in sport is the best way to ensure they remain engaged with, and eventually successful in, sport and physical activity,” explains David Turner of sports coach. “This Positive Sports Parent module

Tips to take away and use in your own e-learning projects

Bite-sized learning inspires best practice in coaching and can be embedded in any coach education programme, helping coaches get up to speed quickly, anytime and anywhere.


n Focus on the needs of learners and how they will fit the e-learning into their daily lives.

n Don’t be afraid to curate material and use the best of what is already available.

n Make scenarios thought-provoking, vivid and realistic. n Use branching to make the e-learning relevant to different audiences. n Think bite-size. Build on what has gone before but don’t repeat everything.

helps coaches and parents reflect on how to choose the right time and approach to discuss performance, how to safely approach ‘pushy’ or ‘shouty’ parents, and why all of this is so important to children.” The e-learning can be accessed at sports coach UK’s Learning Hub, as part of a

low-cost, accessible education programme which is helping to empower coaches and allow children the safety and freedom to enjoy playing sport.

Louise Pasterfield is managing director at Sponge UK

@Sponge_UK @sportscoachUK

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